Classification Of Office Magnet (Magnetic Office Supplies) Classification Of Office Magnet (Magnetic Office Supplies)
  • According to the magnetic core material, office magnets( magnetic office supplies)are usually divided into neodymium office magnets with strong retention and cheaper ferrite office magnets

  • According to outside shell material,office magnets(magnetic office supplies) can be divided into steel office magnets and plastic office magnets.

  • According to functions, office magnets(magnetic office supplies)can be classified as whiteboard magnets(message magnets), magnetic name badges, magnetic clips, magnetic pins by application.

Custom Office Magnets Can Be Provide

If you need custom office magnets, no problem. Just let us know what you are looking for by sending us pictures,and we will work with you to make the best offer for your project.

Main Features Of Office Magnets

  • Small sizes, strong magnetic holding force not required for magnetic office supplies,so most office magnets have small size.

  • Various colors, are available for office(advertising) magnets because most office magnets are with plastic houses,so different colors are available.

  • Office magnets are made into different appearance and shape.

  • With controllable price, different magnetic materials can be selected according to magnetic requirements to reasonably control the cost

Office magnets are small magnets encased in plastic for organizing your office space

These small magnets designed to organize, decorate, personalize and plan your office, work area and home are office magnets(also called magnetic office supplies). Office magnets are usually plastic covered magnets. The magnetism of office magnet usually does not need to be too strong and can be used frequently. According to the magnetic materials used, they can be divided into ferrite office magnets and neodymium office magnets. Products include whiteboard magnets,pin magnets(magnetic pins) and magnetic clips.Buy our office magnets online today. Our best-selling office magnets for office applications include.

Common & Popular Office Magnets For Sale

  • Magnetic pins(also called as push pin magnets) are used to personalize your work or home by fixing pictures, certificates and photos to metal walls and cabinets.

  • Magnetic frames are used to hold up multiple maps, blueprints, charts and documents to metal surfaces in your office or out in the field.

  • Magnetic clips are commonly used for household, commercial, industrial and display applications.

  • Whiteboard memo magnets are useful for lighter duty holding purposes, these magnets also make great advertising or promotional giveaways.

  • Label magnet save your time and increase productivity in office and warehouse applications that involve frequent product location changes.

  • Magnetic name holders are used to hold the employee's job number, name and other personal information. They are suitable for clothes of various materials.


Meank supports customized magnets to meet your various demand.