Samarium Cobalt Rod Magnet Description

SmCo is a widely used rare earth high-energy magnetic material.Samarium and cobalt as rare earth elements show high magnetic properties in terms of energy product and coercivity. There are two magnet components in samarium cobalt family: sm1co5 magnet and Sm2Co17 magnet. The highest commercial energy product of Sm2Co17 is in the range of 30mgoe.

Samarium cobalt cylinder magnet, also known as samarium cobalt rod magnet are simple and commonly used rare earth industrial magnet.They have parallel straight edges and circular cross sections, and their dimensions are described by diameter (d) x height (H).

Samarium Cobalt Cylinder Magnet Application

SmCo cylinder(rod)magnets are widely used in sensors, speakers, reed switches, motors, rotors, wind turbines/generators, AC/DC motors, drive motors, servo motors and other products.

Samarium cobalt cylinder magnets have good applications in many applications, especially in places where the temperature is higher than 250 ℃. This includes Aerospace magnets, medical magnets, automotive magnets, sensor magnets and consumer electronics magnets.

Meank has advanced technology, rich experience and professional engineering and technical personnel in the field of samarium cobalt magnets, specializing in the production and supply of samarium cobalt(SmCo) rod magnets in various industrial applications. If you need a specific size, please contact us to get a custom quotation for samarium cobalt cylinder magnet.

Axially magnetized Samarium Cobalt Cylinder(Rod) magnets

Samarium cobalt cylinder magnets have longer magnetic field reach when magnetized through the length(by axial). Axially magnetized SmCo cylinder magnet is a good option as a sensor magnet where the distance between the sensor and magnet is further. Or, as a holding magnet where the reach of the magnetic field will pull the magnet toward the ferrous material at a great distance.

Diametrically magnetized Samarium Cobalt Cylinder(Rod) magnets

Samarium cobalt cylinder magnets magnetized through diameter produce a field that is rounder then the field of a cylinder magnet magnetized through the length. If a larger magnetic field is required on the OD instead of the top or bottom, then diametrically magnetized samarium cobalt rod magnet s a good option This can also be a great option to be used as a sensor magnet or medical magnet.

Custom Samarium Cobalt Cylinder(Rod) Magnets

We have been supplying custom samarium cobalt(SmCo) cylinder(rod) magnets for enterprise customers for many years. Which includes medical magnets, sensor magnets and aerospace components. We provide custom samarium cobalt cylinder magnets for the fields as below:

. High Performance Motors

. Actuators

. Generators

. Turbo Machinery

. Electric Motors

. Magnetic Separation Devices

. Traveling Wave Tubes

. Magnetic Couplings

. Magnetic Bearings

. Sensor Systems

. Drilling Equipment

. Wind Turbine Equipment

. Energy Recovery Systems

. Medical Devices

. Missile Components

. Industrial Automation Equipment

. Pipeline Inspection

. Robotic Arms

. Gyroscopes

. Accelerometers

. Particle Accelerators

. Sputtering Deposition

. Magnetic Drive Components

. Halbach Arrays & more


Meank supports customized magnets to meet your various demand.