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Cylinder Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium rod magnets are cylindrical magnets made from neodymium, iron, and boron (NdFeB). These magnets are known for their exceptionally strong magnetic field and are widely used in various applications due to their high performance-to-size ratio.

Types of Cylinder Neodymium Magnets

Features of Cylinder Neodymium Magnets


Wide size range, you can order sizes from tiny neodymium cylinder magnets to large cylinder neodymium magnets.


Full range of magnetic properties, you can order grade N35 up to the grade of N52 neodymium cylinder magnets which are known as the strongest cylinder magnets


Most of the rare earth(neodymium) rod/cylinder magnets on market are axially magnetized, still, some applications require diametrically magnetized neodymium rod(cylinder) magnets, which belong to custom neodymium rod/cylinder magnets.

Specifications of Cylinder Neodymium Magnets


International Unit

Standard Data

Curie Temperature(Tc)


Maximum Operating Temperature(Tw)





Electrical Resistivity (ᵨ)


1.8x10⁻⁴  ~2.0x10⁻⁴




Recoil Permeability(µ rec)


Magnetization Field Strength(Hs)





Bending Strength



Temp. Coefficient of Br



Temp.Coefficient of Hcj



Neodymium Rare Earth Rod (Cylinder) Magnets are Used as Industrial Magnets

Rod (cylinder) magnet is a popular and widely used shape of a permanent magnet, the height of a cylinder magnet is larger than the diameter. All cylinder (rod) permanent magnets in this category are made from rare earth neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB), which are known as neodymium (NdFeB) rod (cylinder) magnets or rare earth cylinder (rod) magnets. Because of the superior size-to-strength ratio, these strong neodymium rare earth rod/cylinder magnets are used for a wide range of applications and industries. We only stock axially common neodymium rod magnets, while not stock diametrical neodymium rod/cylinder magnets.

Introducing our strong cylinder magnets - the strongest and most reliable magnetic solution you will ever need! Crafted from high-quality neodymium, our cylinder magnets provide incredible magnetic strength and are capable of lifting heavy loads with ease. With different grades available, you can choose the magnet that best suits your requirements for your specific application.

Our strong cylinder magnets are engineered to last, with a superior coating of nickel, gold, or epoxy that protects them from damage and corrosion. They are also easy to use and install, with a wide range of configurations available to meet your exact specifications.

Order our premium cylinder magnets with complete confidence - we offer fast, reliable shipping and exceptional customer service to ensure your complete satisfaction. We guarantee that you will love the performance and quality of our magnets or we will give you your money back.

Looking for neodymium magnet price that is affordable and fits your budget? Look no further than our strong cylinder magnets. Experience the power and versatility of our strong cylinder magnets today and see why they are the number one choice for professionals and enthusiasts around the world!

How to Express a Neodymium Magnet Rod Cylinder?

A neodymium magnet rod/cylinder can be expressed using the following parameters:

1. Dimension: The dimension of the magnet includes its diameter and length in millimeters (mm) or inches (in). For example, a neodymium magnet rod/cylinder with a diameter of 5mm and a length of 10mm can be expressed as 5mm x 10mm.

2. Grade: The grade of the magnet represents its strength and maximum magnetic energy product. Neodymium magnets are available in various grades like N35, N38, N42, and N52. The higher the grade, the stronger the magnet. For example, a neodymium magnet rod/cylinder with the grade N52 is stronger than N35.

3. Coating: The coating of the magnet helps to protect it from corrosion and damage. Some common coating options are nickel, gold, epoxy, and zinc. For example, a neodymium magnet rod/cylinder with a nickel coating can be expressed as Ni-coated.

4. Magnetization direction: The magnetization direction of the magnet indicates the direction of the magnetic field. Neodymium magnets can be magnetized in various directions such as axial, diametric, and radial. For example, a neodymium magnet rod/cylinder with an axial magnetization direction can be expressed as Axially magnetized.

Putting it all together, an example expression for a neodymium magnet rod/cylinder could be: 5mm x 10mm N52 Ni-coated Axially magnetized.

Cylinder Neodymium Magnet Uses & Application

There are several uses of cylinder magnets in various industries and applications, including:

1. Magnetic separators:
Cylinder magnets are used as a component of magnetic separators to separate ferrous particles from non-ferrous materials.

2. Magnetic couplings:
Cylinder magnets are used to transmit torque without direct mechanical contact, often used in pumps, mixers or other motor-driven equipment.

3. Electronic devices:
Cylinder magnets are used in various electronic devices such as speakers, microphones, headphones, and in some types of electric motors.

4. Medical devices:
Cylinder magnets are widely used in medical devices like MRI machines to generate powerful and controlled magnetic fields for diagnostic imaging.

5. Automotive industry:
Cylinder magnets are used in sensors, motors, generators, and brakes to enhance vehicle performance.

6. Hobby and crafts:
Cylinder magnets are used in various art and craft projects, such as creating magnetic sculptures and as closures for fabric or leather items.

7. Education:
Cylinder magnets are used in science experiments to demonstrate magnetic force and its properties.


FAQs of Cylinder Neodymium Magnets

How are neodymium cylinder magnets made out?

Simply speak, neodymium cylinder/rod magnets are made out by steps of sintering, milling and cutting. Most of neodymium rod magnets are gotten by cutting from longer neodymium magnet rods. But some small neodymium cylinders and diametrical neodymium cylinder/rod magnet are gotten from blocks by milling. Surface treatment is demanded for applied neodymium cylinder magnets, because they are not corrosion resistant.

What's the strongest & most powerful rod magnet in the world?

Rare earth rod/cylinder magnets are usually known as strong type rod magnet,and strongest and most powerful rod/cylinder magnet in the world for a certain size must be made of rare earth neodymium.

Where to buy high-quality and cheap rod/cylinder shaped neodymium magnets?

Meank Magnetics is global neodymium magnets manufacturer supplier who always deliver high-quality rod/cylinder shaped neodymium magnets at affordable price, all neodymium rod magnets are supplied with standard magnetic properties and nice finish, contact us today for quotation.


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