Principle of After-Sale Service

Customers first, to provide customers with first-class service!

Production progress feedback: The salesperson will inform the customer of the production situation from time to time to let the customer know the progress of the order.

Shipping notification: After the order is delivered, the salesperson shall inform the customer in time and provide corresponding documents.

Response to complaints: salespeople are required to reply to customers within 24 hours after receiving customer complaints.

Complaint submission: the salesperson shall timely feedback the customer's complaints to the production department and the technology department, and require them to be solved as soon as possible.

Solve the complaint: after receiving the complaint, the production department and the technology department shall analyze the causes and give a solution within 2 working days.

Complaint handling and tracking: some complaints take a long time to solve, and our sales staff will timely inform the customer of the handling progress until the problem is solved.

Return Policy

Return conditions: If the magnet has problems in electroplating that affect its use, a return request shall be made within 2 weeks after receipt.

Notes on return

Do not accept the following product return requirements: 

1. Magnetic products not sold by mean.

2. Magnetic products beyond the warranty period.

3. Used magnetic products.

4. Quality problems caused by unreasonable storage.

Warranty Policy

Although the surfaces of neodymium rare earth magnets and magnet systems are electroplated for rust prevention, incorrect use and storage will still cause rust. Steel cup magnets rust more easily. We promise to guarantee the quality of all sold neodymium magnets and related magnetic products. Customers can purchase our magnets with confidence.

Warranty scope: in terms of magnet components, the quality assurance mainly includes magnetic force and electroplating. In terms of magnets, quality assurance ensures the appearance and performance of magnets.

Warranty conditions: only unused and reasonably stored magnetic products are guaranteed.

Electroplating warranty: for magnet products with reasonable storage and unused, the electroplating warranty period is 3 months or more after receiving the goods.

Magnetic performance: there are usually no restrictions on the performance of magnetic products with reasonable storage.