• Quality Control of Magnet
    [01] Magnetic Performance Testing

    Before reprocessing the required size, the blank of neodymium magnet shall be tested for performance, and the blank with unqualified performance shall not be used. This is a key step for qualified magnets.

    Magnetic Performance Testing
  • Quality Control of Magnet
    [02] PCT Aging Testing

    To quickly expose the defects and weak links of the product,test the moisture resistance of the product, to provide the basis for improving product quality.

    PCT Aging Testing
  • Quality Control of Magnet
    [03] Ultrasonic Cleaning

    To ensure a good electroplating appearance of the finished magnetic products, the magnet need to be cleaned before electroplating.

    Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Quality Control of Magnet
    [04] Metallographic Hardness Analysis

    Deeply understand the surface and internal defects of materials, analyze the hardness and compressive strength of materials, and improve the processing technology.

    Metallographic Hardness Analysis
  • Quality Control of Magnet
    [05] Salt-spray Testing

    In order to determine whether the magnet can meet the application requirements under special conditions, the corrosion resistance of the product shall be tested professionally

    Salt-spray Testing
  • Quality Control of Magnet
    [06] Vertical Pull-force Testing

    In order to check whether the magnetic force meets the customer's requirements, random tests are carried out on the whole batch of orders.

    Vertical Pull-force Testing
  • Quality Control of Magnet
    [07] Magnetic Flux Testing

    Magnetic flux testing can not only measure the magnetic flux value, but also directly test the performance of magnetic products, so as to control the quality of magnets.

    Magnetic Flux Testing
  • Quality Control of Magnet
    [08] Surface Gauss Testing

    Measure the Gauss value of the center point of the magnetizing surface of the magnet, which is used to inspect the products requiring the Gauss value of the surface.

    Surface Gauss Testing


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