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Ferrite Cup Magnets

Ferrite Cup Magnets

The cheapest mounting magnets are known as ferrite pot magnets, but ferrite pot(cup) magnets are not used for heavy duty holding. Ferrite pot magnets are powerful magnetic assemblies consisting of a ferrite magnet encased within a steel pot or casing. The steel pot provides protection to the relatively brittle ferrite magnet, enhancing its mechanical strength and making it more resistant to damage.

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Types of Ferrite Cup Magnets

Ferrite Cup Magnets WIth Cylindrical Hole

Ferrite cup magnets are equipped with a cylindrical hole passing through the center, allowing for easy installation using screws, bolts, or rods.

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Flat Ferrite Cup Magnets

Flat ferrite cup magnets are magnetic assemblies featuring a flat, disc-shaped design with a ferrite magnet core housed within a steel cup.

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Ferrite Cup Magnets With Threaded Hole

Ferrite cup magnets with threaded holes find applications in industrial machinery and equipment for holding, securing, and positioning metal components, tools, and fixtures.

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Ferrite Pot Magnets are Used as Holding, Mounting, Clamping and Organizing Magnets

Pot magnets (also known as round cup magnets, round base magnets) are steel cup covered magnets. We mainly introduce and display ferrite and ceramic pot (cup) magnets in this category. Not only the ceramic magnets are protected by the steel cups, but also the magnetic force was stronger by the steel cups, because steel shell concentrates the magnetic force and guides it to the contact surface, producing a strong vertical magnetic pull on the magnetizing surface. So small size and strong magnetism are the advantages of ferrite pot magnets. Ceramic cup and pot magnets have magnetism on only one side and the other side can be fitted with screws, hooks or fasteners. When you don't need the super strong magnetic force of neodymium magnet, ferrite pot magnet must be an ideal choice, because ferrite pot magnet is much cheaper than neodymium pot magnet, and known as the cheapest mounting(holding,organizing) magnets.

Common Types of Ferrite Pot Magnets for Sale

  • We are professional pot(cup) magnets manufacturer in China, which supply all common types of ferrite pot magnets for various holding and mounting. The following types ferrite pot magnets become to be the best seller ferrite pot magnets in market. They are mass ordered by worldwide magnets distributors.

  • Flat ferrite(ceramic) pot magnet, which assembled with ferrite disc magnets and without hole and threaded stud, they use used as holding magnets, clamping magnets and grip magnets.

  • Countersunk ferrite(ceramic) cup(pot) magnets, they are flat and shallow pot magnets with counterbore hole for mounting, and used as round base magnets.

  • Ferrite cup magnets with cylindrical hole, they can be fixed to other surfaces by flat head screws and used as mounting magnets.

  • External(male) threaded ferrite pot magnets, there is a male threaded stud on the top of steel shell which make it easy to install.

  • Internal(female) threaded ferrite pot magnets, female threaded stem/bushing are made on the top of steel shell.

  • Flat&shallow ferrite pot magnet with screw hole(threaded socket), which provide different mounting methods than female threaded ferrite pot magnets.

The Uses of Ceramic/Ferrite Pot (Cup) Magnets

  • Likes as neodymium pot magnets, different thread stems can be made on the top of ceramic/ferrite cup magnets, which make it possible to install screws, hooks and fasteners for fixing/holding/hanging products.

  • Ceramic cup(pot) magnets are very suitable for all types of applications requiring corrosion resistance. Generally, it can be used for hanging, installing and fixing common  objects in workstations, classrooms, offices, warehouses and homes, as well as recycling magnets.

  • Ferrite pot/cup magnets are ideal magnet assembly for consumer & industrial applications which require medium magnetic strength, such as lifting, antenna or light mounts, latches, furniture & home repair projects, closing mechanisms, retrieving objects & more.

Features of Ceramic Pot Magnets

  • Grade of C8, ceramic disc or ring magnet with C8 grade covered in nickel or zinc plated steel shell.

  • Ceramic cup magnet is monopole ceramic magnet, with only one magnetic surface, but has stronger magnetic pull than uncovered ceramic magnets.

  • Ceramic pot magnets are rustproof round base magnets, ceramic magnet is corrosion resistant which can be used outdoor.

  • Internal&external threaded stem designs, suitable for standard screws, hooks and fasteners, can meet a variety of mounting.

  • Higher working temperature of 250 ℃. Generally, the upper limit of the working temperature of ceramic pot magnet is 250℃.

Attention on Magnetic Pull Force of Ceramic Pot Magnets

Magnetic force of ferrite or ceramic pot magnet is vertical pull force tested assuming that the ceramic pot magnet will be connected to 1/2 "thick flat grounded low carbon steel plate. All pull force information is for reference only. The pull force in actual use will be affected by coating, corrosion, rough surface and some environmental conditions. For critical applications, it is recommended to reduce the tension by half or more depending on the severity of the potential failure. Ensure that the actual ceramic pot magnets pull force is tested in practical application.

Custom Ceramic Cup Magnets – What We Can Do for You?

In addition to the conventional ferrite pot magnets listed above, our professional engineers can also customize ceramic cup magnets according to your specific specifications or ideas. If you have any requirements, please contact us or send us a quotation request. We will make the best offer.

Hot Ferrite Cup Magnets

FAQs of Ferrite Pot Mounting Magnets

Can you supply custom ferrite pot magnets?

Yes,we can make custom ferrite pot magnets according to drawing specifications.

What are the main advantages of ferrite mounting pot magnets?

Compared with neodymium pot magnet,ferrite(ceramic)pot magnet has the advantages of low price, strong corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance

What are the popular applications of ferrite cup magnets?

Ferrite cup(Pot) magnets are especially suitable to be used in the following industries:

  1. Booth construction, store construction, interior fittings

  2. Bath and kitchen installations

  3. Cabinetry, furniture construction

  4. Metal construction

  5. Machine and plant construction

  6. Lighting industry

Can ferrite(ceramic) pot magnets be used outdoors?

Yes, ferrite magnet is a kind of rust-proof magnets. Please note that the iron shell will produce rust spots, but this will not affect the magnetic force of the ferrite.


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