• 8x30mm Rare Earth Neodymium Rod Magnets
  • 8x30mm Rare Earth Neodymium Rod Magnets

8x30mm Rare Earth Neodymium Rod Magnets


Rod/Cylinder Magnets


Sintered NdFeB, N42


D8 x 30mm


Axially(poles on two ends)





Weight(1 piece)

11.2 g



Max.Working Temp.


Central Surface Field


8x30mm Rare Earth Magnet Rods Description

8x30mm Rare Earth Neodymium Rod(Cylinder) Magnets N42, 8x30mm Rare Earth Rod Magnets, 8 x 30mm cylindrical neodymium magnets

Our neodymium rods are compact magnets made of rare earth elements providing high magnetic strength. Ideal for a range of applications requiring strong holding power, such as sensors, switches, and motors. Choose from various sizes and strengths to fit your specific needs. These neodymium rods are suitable for industrial, scientific, and craft applications. Experience their exceptional performance today.

8x30mm Rare Earth Neodymium Rod Magnets Specification

Product: Rare Earth Neodymium Rod Magnet

Size: 8*30mm ( 8mm diameter x 30mm height)

Available Material Grade: N35, N38, N40, N42,N45, N48, N50,N52

Surface Treatment: Nickel-Copper-Nickel (three layers coating)

Operating temperature: ≤80°C

8x30mm Rare Earth Neodymium Rod Magnets Features

For neodymium cylinder magnets, 8 * 30mm is an intermediate size with strong magnetic force. Even if the strength of a n42 8x30mm rare earth neodymium rod magnet is 2.7kgs, it will be much stronger if the grade is increased to n52. 8 * 30 cylindrical neodymium magnets are used to fix the whiteboard, absorb various steel parts, DIY projects and fix the paper towel box on the roof, The standard tolerance of 8x30mm cylindrical neodymium magnet rod we provide is + / - 0.05mm.

  • N42 nickel coated neodymium rod magnets with size of 8x30mm

  • 8x30mm rare earth neodymium magnets rod coated with nickel

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