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Pot (Cup) Magnets

Pot (Cup) Magnets

The magnets composed of disc neodymium magnet and A3 steel shell are neodymium pot magnet. Neodymium pot (cup) magnets have the characteristics of durability and application diversity. Our neodymium pot magnets are used as magnetic hooks, salvage magnets, mounting magnets and holing magnets.

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Types of Pot (Cup) Magnets


Neodymium Pot Magnets are Used as Holding, Mounting and Organizing Magnets

The magnetic system formed by a round disc magnet embedded in an iron pot with high magnetic conductivity is called pot magnet or cup magnet. Pot (cup) magnets have only one magnetizing surface, and different screw designs are provided on the other side, which can install screws, hooks and fasteners for fixing products. In this category, we mainly introduce and display neodymium pot (cup) magnets. The commonly used neodymium pot (cup) magnets are made of N35 neodymium disc magnets and the steel shell. The steel shell concentrates the magnetic force and guides it to the contact surface, producing a strong vertical magnetic pull on the magnetizing surface. Due to the extra strong magnetic force, neodymium pot(cup) magnets are idea holding, mounting and organizing magnets for heavy duty applications.

Common Types of Pot Magnets of Neodymium

  • We are professional neodymium pot(cup) magnets manufacturer, and supply all types of neodymium pot magnets for various holding and mounting. The following types neodymium pot magnets become to be standard & common types of neodymium pot in market. They sold by world wide magnets distributors.

  • Flat neodymium pot(cup) magnet, which assembled with disc NdFeB magnets and without hole and threaded stud, they use used as holding magnets , clamping magnets and grip magnets.

  • Countersunk neodymium cup(pot) magnets, they are flat and shallow pot magnets with counterbore hole for mounting, and used as powerful mounting magnets.

  • Neodymium pot magnets with cylindrical hole, they can be fixed to other surfaces by flat head screws and used as round base magnets.

  • External(male) threaded pot magnets of neodymium, there is a male threaded stud on the top of steel shell which make it easy to install.

  • Internal(female) threaded pot magnets of neodymium, female threaded stem/bushing are made on the top of steel shell.

  • Flat&shallow pot magnet with screw hole(threaded socket), which provide different mounting methods than female threaded ferrite pot magnets.

  • All of these neodymium pot magnets are known as holding & mounting magnets with powerful strength.

Uses of Neodymium Pot (Cup) Magnets

Neodymium pot(cup) magnets have the advantages of small volume and strong magnetism. They are very suitable for all types of applications requiring high-strength magnets. You can used usually used  in workstations, classrooms, offices, warehouses, homes for heavy holding,hanging, mounting, fixing, they can be also used as retrieval magnets, etc.

Features of Neodymium Pot Magnets

  • Grade of N35, N35 rare earth neodymium disc magnet covered in nickel plated steel shell.

  • Neodymium pot magnet is mono-pole magnet, with only one working face, has strong magnetic pull.

  • Three layers of NiCuNi (nickel + copper + nickel) are plated by electrolytic process to prevent corrosion and oxidation.

  • Male&female threaded stud designs, suitable for standard screws, hooks and fasteners, can meet a variety of installation requirements.

  • The working temperature is 80 ℃. Generally, the upper limit of the working temperature of neodymium pot magnet is 80 ℃.

Attention on Magnetic Pull Force of Neodymium Pot Magnet

Magnetic force of neodymium pot magnet is vertical pull force tested assuming that the magnet will be connected to 1/2 "thick flat grounded low carbon steel plate. All pull force information is for reference only. The pull force in actual use will be affected by coating, corrosion, rough surface and some environmental conditions. For critical applications, it is recommended to reduce the tension by half or more depending on the severity of the potential failure. Ensure that the actual magnetic force is tested in practical application.

Hot Pot (Cup) Magnets


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