Various magnet applications are key components of automotive performance, safety, and convenience for the automotive industry.

Magnets are widely used in the automotive field. You can find different types of magnets in the car's ABS brake control system, electric window mechanism, windshield wiper motor, directional lighting control, automatic clutch, seat movement motor, automatic parking equipment, seat belt use detection and generator.

Meank Magnetics can provide magnets for automotive applications in various sizes, styles and materials, and can customize single-sided bipolar and multipole neodymium magnets, irregularly shaped neodymium magnets according to customer requirements. Permanent magnets are used in about 30 parts of a car. The development of high-performance automotive will accelerate the demand for high-performance neodymium-iron boron-magnets, especially bonded neodymium magnets. New energy automotive bring a broad market space for rare earth neodymium magnets.