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Meank magnets company focuses on providing all kinds of permanent magnets (including neodymium rare earth magnets, samarium cobalt rare earth magnets, aluminum nickel cobalt, ceramic magnets, and flexible magnets) and pot magnets (mainly including neodymium pot magnets and ferrite pot magnets). The magnetic parameters of all our permanent magnets remain at the leading level in the industry. We strictly control the tolerance of all kinds of permanent magnets in accordance with industry standards. Due to the high quality, our rare earth magnets are widely used in high-tech products. Our pot magnets have the stronger magnetic force and better corrosion resistance, which make them widely used for clamping, fishing, mounting, hanging, and holding.

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Different Types of Meank Magnets

Neodymium (Rare-Earth) Magnets

The strongest and most widely used permanent magnet in the world is neodymium rare earth magnet, which has the highest residual magnetism and makes the end-product miniaturization and lightweight. Because of good machinability, rare earth neodymium magnets can be customized into various shapes,corrosion resistant coatings are necessary for neodymium magnets.

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Pot (Cup) Magnets

Permanent magnets that covered in round A3 iron shells are given the name of pot magnets or cup magnets.Iron shells make the magnet strongest and unbreakable. Various designs of countersunk holes, external threaded stud and internal threaded bushings make pot(cup)manets mountable.Neodymium pot (cup) magnets are widely used for fishing,mounting and holding applications.

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Coated (Waterproof) Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets with normal electroplated coatings are real waterproof neodymium magnets. To enhance the corrosion resistance,additional waterproof coatings are made on the surface of neodymium magnets. Waterproof layer coated neodymium magnets are ideal for underwater using.We have waterproof neodymium magnets with pvc,plastic and rubber coating for sale.

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Ferrite Cup Magnets

Almost all type of shallow pot magnets can be made of ferrite,ferrite cup(pot) magnets are not so strong like as neodymium cup magnets,but due to stronger corrosion resistance,higher operating temperature and cheaper price,they are widely used in many applications as substitutes for neodymium cup magnets,Our ferrite pot(cup) magnets are supplied with galvanized, nickel plated or plastic spraying.

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Hook Magnets

The magnet assemblies composed of powerful magnetic bases and durable hook are known as magnetic hooks or hook magnets. Hook magnets realize the rapid suspension of objects on the ferromagnetic surface. To meet the needs of different magnetic solutions,we offer all kinds of hook magnets (magnetic hooks).Neodymium type for strongest force and ferrite type for the cheapest price.

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Rubber Coated Mounting (Pot) Magnets

The mounting magnets with soft rubber coatings are the best solution for holding objects on sensitive metal surface.The popular overall sizes for rubber coated mounting pot magnets are 43mm,66mm,88mm. Both internal threaded and external threaded types are available for all sizes of rubber coated mounting pot magnets. All colors can be customized to meet your actual demands.

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Fishing Magnets

The magnets used for underwater fishing are called search/fishing magnets. The best fishing (search)magnets must be strong enough, so neodymium magnets are used for magnetic fishing. We offer all types of single sided and double sided fishing magnets, and all fishing magnets can be delivered in the form of magnetic fishing sets,which include ropes,gloves, lock hook and tool boxes.

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Rubber (Flexible) Magnets

Rubber magnet is a kind of flexible magnet made by extrusion and calendering process. The rubber(flexible) magnets can be divided into anisotropic and isotropic rubber magnets. The flexible rubber magnets can be covered with PVC, back glue, UV oil, etc. according to customer requirements. Rubber magnet can be used without more machining, cut the sizes according to demands..

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Accessories for Magnets

Magnetic accessories are usually non-magnetic and can be used as a specific tool or helpers when using magnets. They are indispensable products for using magnets. We offer all kinds of accessories for magnets, include magnetic pole identifier, magnetic pole observation piece, metal plate, steel hooks and bolts, plastic&rubber caps, ropes and so on. All of them are supplied at cheap price.

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Advantages of Meank Magnets & Its Magnet Assemblies

Advantages of Meank Magnets & Its Magnet Assemblies

  • Ensure the magnetic force of magnetic devices - strictly select qualified magnets for each magnetic device product. 

  • Wide selection range of magnetic assemblies - we can produce and supply all kinds of magnets assemblies. 

  • Reasonable pricing - we make price based on long-term and win-win cooperation. 

  • The best service (including pre-sale service and after-sale service) does not stop on delivery. People-oriented packing ways, maximum meet customers' needs.

  • Good terms available - we can provide maximum payment support for long-term clients. 

  • Short lead time-we stocked many common magnets assembles. 

  • More magnetic solutions can be provided, we have a professional magnetic system, design staff.

Magnet Processing Technology

Magnet Processing Technology

Process technology

For the machine processing of neodymium magnets, magnet slicers are commonly used to neatly cut the magnets, but the magnets must first be fixed and the size of the slicer needs to be adjusted before cutting.

1) There are three main ways to slice magnets: electrical discharge machining, laser machining, and grinding.

2) In actual applications, the shapes and performance of neodymium magnets vary greatly, such as circular, cylindrical, ring-shaped, circular sink, square, square sink, tile-shaped, trapezoidal, groove-shaped, and irregular shapes. Each magnet block that is cut varies in size, performance, tolerance and magnetization method.

3) It is difficult to make magnets in one single process during the production process, as it requires multiple stages. The general magnet production process consists of producing large-sized blanks, sintering them, melting them, then mechanically processing them (including cutting, drilling, chamfering), surface electroplating treatment, and then performing magnetization treatment. It is best to conduct tests for product size accuracy, surface quality, and salt spray during packaging and transportation.

Magnet Applications

Why Are Magnet Assemblies Important?

In addition to being an important part of many technologies, magnet assemblies have many general advantages.

First, they provide a quick way to sort and separate metallic materials. They can rapidly separate ferrous metals such as stainless and carbon steel from non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum.

Second, they reduce your maintenance costs and extend the life of your product. They do this by preventing damage and reducing wear and tear. For example, they prevent tire blowouts.

Finally, they stop contamination by attracting and retaining magnetic and ferrous materials on storage and production lines.

Why Are Magnet Assemblies Important?

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