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Magnetism is a fascinating invisible force – it influences the environment around it. A magnet is a material that can pull certain types of metal towards itself. Unlike many other forces, magnetism doesn't have to touch the objects it affects. Gravity is also an invisible force that acts at a distance.

02 Discover All Magnet Categories by Shapes, Materials and Applications

  • Magnets By Material
    Magnets By Material
    There are five main types of permanent magnet material; these are, in order of strength from strongest to weakest, neodymium, samarium cobalt, alnico, ferrite, and flexible rubber. When designing a magnetic solution, physical strength is not always the most important factor and each material has its own unique characteristics. Using the links below, you will be able to access information about each type of permanent magnet and the grades available.
  • Magnets By Shape
    Magnets By Shape
    Any kind of magnetic material is applied in various fields with different shapes. The common shape magnets include the following: square magnet, tile magnet, disc magnet, cylinder magnet, ring magnet, disc magnet,spherical magnet,cube magnet,tube magnet,cone magnet.Neodymium magnet can be made into more special shapes to meet specific needs because of its strong machinability.
  • Magnets By Application
    Magnets By Application
    Permanent magnet materials have excellent magnetic properties and are widely used in electronics, electric machinery, medical devices, toys, packaging, hardware machinery, aerospace and other fields. The more common application products are permanent magnet motors, speakers, magnetic separators,magnetic hook,mounting magnets,fishing magnets, computer disk drives, magnetic resonance imaging equipment and instruments.

03 Meank Magnet Applications to Meet Your Needs

  • Auto Magnets

    Auto Magnets

    Automotive industry is one of the fields where neodymium rare earth magnets are widely used.
  • Uses Of Magnet In Daily Life

    Uses Of Magnet In Daily Life

    Daily Use
    Magnets or magnetic products have solved many practical problems for daily life and improved work efficiency.
  • Military Magnets

    Military Magnets

    Rare earth magnets are irreplaceable in the military field. There are rare earth magnets on many precision equipment, such as radar and communication satellites.
  • Industrial Magnet

    Industrial Magnet

    Magnets and magnetic technology are widely used in the mining industry, and powerful magnetic separators are often used in many coal mines, especially coal mines.
  • Magnets Uses in Aerospace

    Magnets Uses in Aerospace

    Rare earth permanent magnet motor has been widely used in aerospace.
  • Home Appliances Magnet

    Home Appliances Magnet

    Home Appliances
    Household appliances are one of the important fields of magnet application.
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04 Meank: Magnet Supplier in China

Meank: Magnet Supplier in China

Meank: Magnet Supplier in China Ningbo Beilun Meank Magnetics Co.,Ltd.

Beilun Meank is mainly engaged in the processing and sales of rare earth neodymium magnets and various magnetic systems. After continuous exploration, we have become a distinctive manufacturer of neodymium magnets and all kings of mounting magnets. 

Special-shaped neodymium magnets, we have advanced production technology and automation equipment to realize the mass and high-quality processing of special-shaped neodymium magnets. 

Electroplating quality, all neodymium magnet coatings meet the environmental protection requirements, has strong corrosion resistance, and even reaches the salt spray test for 240 hours. 

Precision of magnet, we are good at processing neodymium magnets with high precision. These magnets are mostly used in the field of electronic products. The minimum volume of round neodymium magnets can be 0. 5mm * 0. 5mm. 

Magnetic performance, we good at the production of neodymium magnets with high coercivity, mostly used in motor field and other high-tech industries. 

Magnetic solutions, our professional technical team is good at providing magnetic material solutions to solve customers' practical problems. 

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05 Why Choose Meank for your one-stop magnet solutions

  • Guaranteed Quality

    We strictly control the magnetic performance, tolerance and appearance of all kinds of magnets according to international and industrial standards.

    Guaranteed Quality
  • Comprehensive Products

    We can offer rare earth neodymium magnets with a wider range of sizes and grade,especially special shaped neodymium magnets and grade for high temperature.

    Comprehensive Products
  • Cheaper Price

    In order to win-win cooperation,we guarantee lower purchase price to every customer with reasonable cost control and lowest profit margin.

    Cheaper Price
  • Best Service

    We always provide the best service for every prospective and old customer, and the customer's needs will be responded to within 24 hours.


    Best Service
  • Professional Team

    We have professional engineers who have been committed to the magnet industry for many years, and can provide customers with high-quality solutions of magnets.

    Professional Team
  • Better Terms

    We provide the best cooperation terms for long-term customers, including delivery terms and payment terms, support long-term customers to the greatest extent.

    Better Terms
Why Choose Meank for your one-stop magnet solutions

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