When magnet fishing has become an irreplaceable underwater fishing method, it is particularly important to have a super fishing magnet. Rare earth neodymium fishing magnet (salvage and search magnet) is recognized as the strongest fishing magnet. Professional fishing magnet is no longer a simple neodymium magnet. It is usually composed of powerful neodymium cup magnet and durable ring bolt. The super strong magnetic force of those large neodymium magnets is suitable for all kinds of heavy duty fishing. Neodymium magnet fishing can be seen in bridges, canals, ships, docks and old wells.

We have single-sided neodymium fishing magnets and double-sided neodymium fishing magnets for sale. All large neodymium fishing magnets are supplied with independent packaging

Types of Neodymium Fishing Magnets

  • Large Neodymium Magnets For Fishing(Double Sided)
    For Fishing(Double Sided) Large Neodymium Magnets

    he large sized double sided neodymium magnets for magnetic fishing are supplied with dimension of 48mm,60mm,75m,94mm,116mm and 136mm.They are delivered with ideal package and cheap price.

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  • Heavy Duty Neodymium Fishing Magnets
    Fishing Magnets Heavy Duty Neodymium

    The single sided heavy duty neodymium magnet fishing magnets are provided with the sizes which include 48mm,60mm,75m,94mm,116mm and 136mm.Ideal package and cheap price are available for each size.

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  • Double Sided Neodymium Fishing Magnets
    Fishing Magnets Double Sided Neodymium

    48mm,60mm,D67,75m,94mm,116mm and 136m are provided as standard sizes for double sided neodymium magnetic fishing magnets with only one steel ring on side.You can get them with the best offer.

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  • Powerful Magnet For Fishing
    For Fishing Powerful Magnet

    The single sided  powerful neodymium magnet for deep water magnetic fishing are available with different standard big sizes,which including 48mm,60mm,75m,80mm,90mm,100,120mm and 136mm.

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The Factors That Affect The Strength Of Neodymium Fishing(Search) Magnets

1. The metal thickness of adopted on neodymium fishing(search)magnets.

The thickness of the metal (iron) shell of the neodymium fishing magnet must reach the minimum thickness, otherwise the magnetic strength cannot be maximized.

2. The steel shell material for neodymium fishing(search) magnets.

Low carbon steel has good magnetic force and is the best shell material for neodymium fishing magnet

3.The contact surface conditions of neodymium fishing magnets.

In order to ensure the strongest magnetic force, the contact surface of neodymium fishing magnet needs to be kept flat and clean. No metal impurities shall be adsorbed on its surface.

4. The contact area between fished pieces and neodymium fishing magnet.

The larger the contact area between the fishing magnet and the salvaged object, the greater the magnetic force provided by the fishing magnet, so as to make the fishing operation safe and efficient.

Characteristics of neodymium fishing(search) magnets

In order to fully guide the magnetic line of force generated by the neodymium magnet and maximize the magnetic retention, the neodymium fishing(search) magnet adopts a thick steel shell with high permeability.

In order to enhance the corrosion resistant ability of neodymium fishing(search) magnets ,we use epoxy resin to fill the gap between magnet and steel cup.

To enhance safety,all neodymium fishing(search) magnets are assembled with one or two durable ring bolts.


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