• Magnetic Rubber Sheet
  • Magnetic Rubber Sheet

Flexible Magnetic Sheets

The MEANK magnetic rubber sheet is made from Strontium ferrite magnetic powder that is calendered in a thermoplastic adhesive to form a thin sheet. It is then multi-polar magnetized on one surface to make a flexible and durable rubber magnetic sheet. This white magnetic sheeting has a magnetic surface that can attract magnetism by itself, but it usually relies on a ferromagnetic surface such as a low carbon steel sheet or iron sheet. The maximum operating temperature of the MEANK magnetic roll sheet is limited by the plain adhesive and is 80 ℃. Demagnetization may occur when the temperature is higher than this.

Advantages of our flexible magnetic sheets:

  • Strong magnetism: Flexible magnetic sheets undergo multipole magnetization and even distribution of magnetic poles across their entire surface, resulting in a robust flexible magnetic sheet. The thickness of the material increases the strength proportionally. The magnetic force can remain intact unless affected by a stronger magnet or demagnetizing force.

  • Durability: The complete surface of our rubber magnetic sheets is easy to maintain and safe. It does not include oil or plasticizers which could lead to cracking, drying, or surface migration if not maintained properly.

  • Safety: Our rubber magnetic sheets are non-toxic substrates that do not contain lead or barium, ensuring safe use for both consumers and the environment. They comply with RoHS.

  • Machinability: Our rubber magnetic sheets can be customized to fit your application and can be easily machined using scissors, knives, molds, punches, CNC routers, or flat cutting machines.

  • Temperature range: Rubber magnetic sheets can withstand wide temperature fluctuations ranging from -15°F to 160°F without any demagnetization concerns.

Applications Of Flexible Rubber Magnetic Sheets

Our flexible magnetic sheets are well-suited for various applications such as logo making, advertising, printing, and magnetic graphic systems. Our custom cutting and slitting capabilities,, furthermore, combined with our extensive range of magnet thicknesses and laminates, allows us to meet the application requirements of any custom project. All our flexible magnetic sheets are available by meter and can be cut using scissors to the desired size. 

Whether you're searching for flexible magnetic sheets available with self-adhesive or a vividly colored gloss finish, we have a diverse selection of magnetic sheets suitable for every application. Our magnetic sheet series is a great choice for anyone who loves creativity and enjoys making handicrafts.

Typical Magnetic Force Features For Rubber Magnetic Sheet

Material Thickness(mm)

Force (Gram/cm2)









Strength Of Different Types Of Rubber Magnets Sheet By Material


Max. Energy Product

isotropic/semi anisotropic ferrite magnet sheet


full anisotropic ferrite magnet sheet( High Energy Sheet)


neodymium flexible magnet sheet


Magnetic Force Of Rubber Magnet Sheet With Different Thickness

The normal thickness of our flexible rubber magnetic magnet sheets range from 0.4mm to 1.5mm. Thicker rubber magnet sheets can be custom produced for higher energy. The rubber magnet sheet is thicker and the magnetic force is stronger, but the force is not enlarged proportional,the magnetic force increases greater. For example, the magnetic force of 0.75mm thick rubber magnetic sheets is 44 gram/cm2 and the 1.5mm thick rubber magnet sheet should be 88gram/cm2, but the magnetic force of rubber magnetic sheets with 1.5mm thick is up to at least 140 gram/cm2.

  • Rolling Magnetic Sheet

    Rolling Magnetic Sheet

    rolling magnetic sheet is a powerful magnet, which can be used for large-scale advertising decoration, toys and various handicrafts.
  • Calendering Magnetic Sheet

    Calendering Magnetic Sheet

    calendering rubber magnetic sheet is similar to rolling magnetic sheet, which is used for advertising accessories, toys and various handicrafts.
  • Pre-cut Magnetic Sheet

    Pre-cut Magnetic Sheet

    Pre-cut flexible magnetic sheets can be used for instruments, meters, sensors, advertising decorations, toys and various handicrafts.Magnetic A4 sheet 25x25x1.5mmConsultReference: CM2C02593Our Magneti...
  • Plain Magnetic Sheet

    Plain Magnetic Sheet

    these magnetic sheets do not have any laminations.
  • Color Magnetic Sheet

    Color Magnetic Sheet

    laminated with color vinyl (PVC).
  • Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheet

    Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheet

    laminated with self-adhesive tape.

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