Permanent magnets have been used in various manufacturing industries, such as motors, electric guitars, pickups, sensors, speakers, automotive and electronic sensors, hall effect sensors, magnetrons, etc. The mining industry also uses magnets and magnetic technology, especially in coal mines, which often use powerful magnetic separators. 

Permanent magnets are also used to manufacture various industrial products, such as electric motors, electric guitars, pickups, sensors, speakers, automotive and electronic sensors, Hall effect sensors, magnetrons and so on. 

Strong magnets play an important role in the process of industrial automation. The most common applications are magnetic separation and magnetic lifting. Beilun Meank not only provides different magnets for industrial fields, ranging from magnets for sensors to magnets for magnetic separation and magnetic lifting. It can also provide a variety of magnetic systems for industrial applications

Magnetic separators can separate ferromagnetic materials from non-ferromagnetic materials through their own characteristics. Magnetic separation equipment is used to separate metals and ores in the mining industry. Food manufacturers use magnetic separators to prevent small iron particles from mixing with food. Magnetic technology is also widely used in food production and pharmaceutical industries to remove excess iron, otherwise, it will pollute their products.     

Magnetic Lifting

1. Compact structure, compact shape and easy operation;

2. High performance permanent magnetic material without demagnetization;

3. No power or other power support is required during operation;

4. Advanced and scientific magnetic circuit balance design, strong holding force, almost zero remanences, safe and reliable;

5. The maximum pull-out force is 3. 5 times the rated lifting force, and the safety factor is high. 

The magnetic lifter is applicable to the lifting and handling of normal temperature steel plates in shipbuilding, engineering machinery, automobile and other industries. It is mainly used for the connection with the hoisted workpiece in the lifting process, and for the movement of iron plates, blocks and cylindrical magnetic conducting materials.