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Ningbo Beilun Meank Magnetics Co., Ltd. began to machine and sell neodymium-iron-boron magnets 12 years ago. After years of accumulation of industry knowledge and exploration of experience, In 2013, the company introduced the production equipment of metal parts(turning machine and punching machine which for steel cups/iron shells) and started the processing and assembling of magnetic parts and magnetic devices. (Magnetic devices also known as magnet/magnetic assemblies, are magnetic systems with the application of magnetic circuit principle.)

Today, the company has dozens of advanced magnet assemblies related to parts processing equipment, machined magnets assemblies, from the beginning of the conventional steel cup(pot) magnets, extended to rubber and plastic coated holding magnets, and mounting magnets. The company has also trained a number of professional assembling and testing personnel for magnet assemblies, the magnetic assemblies made out are with perfect detail treatment and the qualification rate is much higher than other factories'.

The company's magnetic assemblies products cover a wide range of types & sizes, including neodymium cup(pot) magnets, ferrite(ceramic) cup/pot magnets,plastic&rubber coated holding magnets,fishing magnets, all kinds of hook magnets, channel magnets, different types of office magnets and so on. In addition to the regular sizes for magnet assemblies, the company completes the processing and assembling of many customized magnets assemblies products every year.

With strict material selection controlling and standard assembly procedures, Meank Magnetics strives to achieve the product quality is higher than other factories' for the same price, and the magnetic force of magnet assemblies is stronger than other factories' for the same size.

We sincerely look forward to working with customers around the world to develop magnetic assemblies and devices.

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Company Culture

We are so glad to have this opportunity to say some words about our company culture.

Our History

The company supplies high-performance neodymium magnets for high-tech fields, involving energy, transportation, electronics and so on.

The company has established long-term cooperation with rubber products factories and started processing rubber-coated mounting magnets and rubber-coated neodymium magnets.

Plastic magnet components are included in the company's business, including various office magnets and injection molding magnets.

The company began self export and further deepened the cooperation with old customers. In the same year, it began to process neodymium pot magnets and ferrite cup magnets.

The company established stable cooperation relations with many magnet dealers, exported neodymium magnets, the neodymium magnets were exported to many European and the United States countries through the agent company.

Started sintered neodymium magnets processing and trade business on ferrite magnets, alnico magnets and smco magnets.

Social Responsibility

Input high-quality rare earth magnets for high-end magnet applications

High quality magnet products are the premise of the company's development. It is also the guarantee of high-quality end products.

Cultivate excellent magnetic technical talents

Technical talents are also the core driving force for the long-term development of the magnetic industry and the key force for the development of the company. In order to improve employees' magnetic skills, we try our best to create all kinds of learning opportunities.

Resource conservation

First of all, do not waste every magnet. The rare earth resources used to produce neodymium magnets are very valuable. Neodymium magnets are recyclable products. We will recycle and reprocess every defective magnet to contribute to the sustainable development of the magnetic material industry. Secondly, save electricity and water.

Environmental protection

Reasonably classify production and packaging wastes and place them at the designated place in the industrial zone.

Paying taxes according to law

The development of the country also needs the tax payment of enterprises on a financial basis. The development of the company is inseparable from the support of various preferential policies of the state. We actively fulfil our obligation to pay taxes according to law.


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