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flexible magnetic tape with adhesive
flexible magnetic tape with adhesive

Rubber Magnet Tapes

The MEANK Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tapes/Strip is ideal for display applications with its use of Strontium ferrite in thermo-plastic binder, providing a maximum operating temperature of 80°C. The tape has only one magnetic surface and can be easily cut with scissors to fit any display application. It is also supplied with standard acrylic or foam adhesive for easy installation. Trust the flexible neodymium magnetic tape from MEANK in all your display needs.

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Main Features of Magnetic Tapes

Magnetic tapes are widely used today due to their numerous benefits and advantages. Here are the main features of magnetic tapes:

  • Versatility: Magnetic tapes are versatile and can be used for various applications, including data storage, audio and video recording, and for securing items.

  • High storage capacity: Magnetic tapes can store large amounts of data or recordings. They are capable of storing hundreds of gigabytes per tape and can also be used for long-term data storage.

  • Durability and longevity: Magnetic tapes are highly durable and have a long lifespan, making them ideal for long-term storage. They are also resistant to environmental factors and can withstand temperature and humidity changes.

  • Cost-effective: Magnetic tapes are an economical solution for long-term data storage. They are less expensive than other storage devices, such as hard drives, and can store large amounts of data at a lower cost per gigabyte.

  • Easy access to data: Magnetic tapes can be rapidly accessed for data or recordings, making them suitable for use in mission-critical applications where quick data access is essential.

  • Compatibility: Magnetic tapes are compatible with most media devices and can be easily transferred between computers and other devices.

Overall, the features of magnetic tapes make them an affordable and reliable solution for storing, backing up, and retrieving data.

Application of Flexible Magnet (Magnetic) Tapes

Flexible magnetic tapes or magnetic strips find numerous applications across various industries and settings, some of which include:

  • Securing Items: Magnetic tapes are often used to secure or hold items in place, such as holding objects on a fridge or locker door, organizing tools or office supplies, and creating labels for file cabinets or racks.

  • Point of Sale Displays: Magnetic tapes are used in retail settings to create eye-catching and temporary shelving or displays for products that require visibility.

  • Home Decor and DIY Projects: Magnetic tapes can be used in various creative and DIY projects, such as creating magnetic picture frames, magnetic knife holders, and custom magnets for DIY projects.

  • Industrial Applications: Flexible magnetic tapes are used in industrial settings, such as robotics, for holding objects in place or positioning sensors, and in automotive industries for securing fixings during transportation.

  • Signage and Advertising: Magnetic tapes can be used for temporary signage or advertising displays, such as on vehicles or during trade shows.

Overall, the flexible and versatile nature of magnetic tapes provides a diverse range of applications across different industries and settings, addressing various needs for securing, organizing, and displaying items.

What is the Strongest Magnetic Tape?

The strongest magnetic tape is typically made from neodymium magnets, which is a type of rare earth magnet. These magnets are much stronger than traditional ferrite magnets and have a higher magnetic energy product, which refers to the amount of magnetic energy stored in the material.

Neodymium magnetic tape can have a magnetic energy product of up to 52 MGOe (Mega Gauss Oersteds), which makes them the strongest type of magnetic tape available on the market. They are used in various high-performance applications, such as in the aerospace industry, robotics, and for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the medical industry. Due to their strength, Neodymium magnetic tapes should be handled carefully and kept away from electronic devices that can be easily damaged by the magnetic field.

Nature Flexible Magnetic TapesNature Flexible Magnetic Tapes

They possess a great versatility, since it is a fast and efficient means of easily carrying out the organization of warehouses, supermarkets, commercial areas, etc. Made in brown, it is magnetized on one side.

10mm x 1.3mm x 50m, 10mm x 2mm x 50m, 10mm x 3mm x 50m, 20mm x 1.3mm x 50m, 20mm x 2mm x 50m, 26mm x 1.3mm x 50m, 39mm x 1.3mm x 50m, 40mm x 2mm x 50m, 50mm x 1.5mm x 50m.

Self-adhesive Flexible Magnetic StripsSelf-adhesive Flexible Magnetic Strips

Covered by adhesive on its non-magnetic face so that it can be applied on non-metallic surfaces.

This product is perfect to fix in a clean way, objects that do not have magnetic properties on metal surfaces. The tapes are also stuck together, so that we can fix an object on both sides. Normally they are used in doors and windows, to improve the fixation and their own installation.

10mm x 1.3mm x 50m, 10mm x 2mm x 50m, 20mm x 1.3mm x 50m, 20mm x 2mm x 50m.

PVC Flexible Magnetic TapesPVC Flexible Magnetic Tapes

PVC magnetic tapes are available in different dimensions. It constitutes a comfortable and practical system of reference, easy to write and manipulate and without limit of use. It is resistant to water, alcohol, sodium carbonate and other agents.

20mm x 1.3mm x 50m, 26mm x 1.3mm x 50m, 39mm x 1.3mm x 50m, 50mm x 1.3mm x 50m

Neodymium Magnetic TapesNeodymium Magnetic Tapes

Neodymium tape is the strongest of all our flexible magnetic tapes, made from neodymium powder within a polymer matrix. This product has a 3M adhesive on one side for easy securing to a wide range of surfaces. Rare Earth Magnetic Strip has a width of 12.5mm, a thickness of 1.5mm and a length of 1metre. Strong neodymium tape has a pull force of 450 g/cm².

10 x 1.2mm (1m), 10x2mm (1m), 15x2mm (1m).

Flexible Magnetic Measuring TapesFlexible Magnetic Measuring Tapes

Our flexible magnetic measuring tapes (also known as flexible magnetic rulers) are especially good items for measuring round metal object. The perfect strength make the the flexible magnetic firmly attached onto metal surface and easily took away. Flexible magnetic measuring tapes (flexible magnetic rulers) with various length are ideal accessory in workshop.


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