• Flexible Magnetic Tape With Adhesive
  • Flexible Magnetic Tape With Adhesive

Flexible Magnetic Tapes

Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tapes/Strip is ideal for display applications 

  • Strontium ferrite in thermo-plastic binder.

  • Max. operating temperature 80°C.

  • Only one magnetic surface .

  • freely cut with scissors.

  • supplied with standard acrylic or foam adhesive.

The strip-shaped rubber magnet rolls with 3M adhesive backing are called as adhesive magnetic tapes.Magnetic tapes can be applied to a wide variety of ferromagnetic surfaces to organize your important documents, pictures, schedules and memos in order. You can easily cut a magnetic tape 1 inch wide and 10 meters long into your favorite length and size. Make sure the magnetic tape is flattened after opening, and the magnetic backing will ensure that the dry erase strip remains firm on most magnetic surfaces. The magnetic tape strips can be used to mark filing cabinets, tool boxes, shelves, refrigerators and retail signs.

Main Features Of Magnetic Tapes:

Dry erase tape: by using this magnetic tape, you can keep your best state in a busy schedule; Put it on the refrigerator or bulletin board and sort out appointment reminders, coupons, bills and study schedules.

Dtrong magnet: you can attach the magnetic tape onto any magnetic surface, such as refrigerator, locker, bulletin board or whiteboard.

Reusable: with the dry erase marks,you can write notes, messages and reminders on dry erase tape volumes; Just wipe it off and reuse it.

Perfect size: any length and size you want can be cut from the magnetic tape with scissors.

Application of flexible magnet(magnetic) tapes

This high energy flexible magnet&magnetic tapes are commonly used in promotional displays, office and warehouse labels, additional photos, banners, posters, documents, retail, exhibition and sales departments to quickly display signs, photos, posters and other point of sale display items or printed materials on any ferrous metal surface.

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