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Rectangular Neodymium Magnets

Introducing the Neodymium Rectangular Magnets - the perfect solution for all your magnet needs! Our powerful magnets are made from high-quality neodymium material and are designed to provide maximum strength and durability.

Types of Rectangular Neodymium Magnets

Features of Rectangular Neodymium Magnets


Rare earth neodymium rectangular(block)magnets are usually specified by three dimensions (length, width, and thickness), the front two dimensions detail the size of each magnet pole because most of the rectangular neodymium magnets are magnetized through the thickness.


The power of neodymium rectangular(block) magnets ranges from N35 to N52, N52 is the strongest rectangular rare earth neodymium magnet.


Neodymium rectangular(block) magnets have the widest size range, which ranges from 1mm tiny neodymium magnets to 250mm super big neodymium magnets


Square neodymium magnet blocks are not waterproof magnets, which need surface treatment protection.


Super strong rectangular neodymium magnets are dangerous! Two rectangular rare earth neodymium magnets attract each other with almost twice force as much as they attract steel objects. They even attract each other over a very long distance. Even small rectangular neodymium magnets attract each other through the thickness of your fingers. Big or large rectangular neodymium magnets have a super strong force, any improper operation can cause injury to fingers.

Specifications of Rectangular Neodymium Magnets


International Unit

Standard Data

Curie Temperature(Tc)


Maximum Operating Temperature(Tw)





Electrical Resistivity (ᵨ)


1.8x10⁻⁴  ~2.0x10⁻⁴




Recoil Permeability(µ rec)


Magnetization Field Strength(Hs)





Bending Strength



Temp. Coefficient of Br



Temp.Coefficient of Hcj



What Are Rectangular Neodymium Magnets Used For?

Rectangular magnets are used for a variety of purposes, including:

1. Speakers: Rectangular magnets are commonly used in speakers to create a magnetic field that interacts with the speaker coil, causing it to vibrate and produce sound.

2. Motors: Rectangular magnets are used in the construction of motors, which convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The magnetic field generated by the magnets interacts with the motor's coils, causing them to rotate.

3. Magnetic locks: Rectangular magnets are used in magnetic locks to secure doors and gates. The magnetic field generated by the magnets maintains the lock's holding force, keeping the door or gate securely closed.

4. Magnetic sensors: Rectangular magnets are used in magnetic sensors to detect the presence and position of magnetic materials. They are commonly used in industrial applications to detect the position of machine parts and equipment.

5. Magnetic toys: Rectangular magnets are used in magnetic toys, such as building sets and puzzles, where their magnetic properties allow them to attract and hold other magnetic pieces in place.

What Are the Different Shapes of Rectangular Neodymium Magnets?

There are various shapes of neodymium magnets available on the market, including:

1. Disc Magnets: These magnets are shaped like a coin or button with a small diameter and a relatively thin height.

2. Block Magnets: Also known as rectangular magnets, these magnets are flat and rectangular in shape, with a height that is greater than their diameter.

3. Ring Magnets: These magnets are shaped like cylinders with a hole in the center, similar to a donut.

4. Sphere Magnets: These magnets are round and resemble balls, giving them the ability to rotate and provide a magnetic field in all directions.

5. Cylinder Magnets: These magnets have a cylinder shape and can be used for various purposes such as motors, sensors, and couplings.

6. Arc Magnets: These magnets are shaped like a segment of a disc and have curved poles, making them ideal for use in motors, generators, and other rotary applications.

7. Countersunk Magnets: These magnets have a countersunk hole on the flat end, making them suitable for use with screws or bolts.

Overall, the shape of a neodymium magnet can be chosen based on specific requirements, such as the application, the strength of the magnetic field needed, and the space available to place the magnet.

Strong Rare Earth Rectangular Neodymium Magnets

The square magnet blocks are known as rectangular(rectangle) magnets.The same as disc,ring and rod magnet,rectangular magnets are also important and popular industry magnets. All rectangular(square or block) magnets in this category made of rare earth neodymium material, which are known as strong rectangular magnets. We just show some popular square neodymium magnets in this category, which are the best seller for most of magnet distributors, with strong processing ability, we can also customize some special square neodymium magnets for customers, contact us for customer neodymium rectangular magnets!

Our neodymium rectangular magnets come in a range of sizes and strengths to suit all your requirements. Whether you need a small magnet for your DIY project or a larger magnet for industrial applications, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our magnets are versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, including speakers, motors, magnetic locks, magnetic sensors, and magnetic toys. They are easy to install and use, and will provide long-lasting performance.

At Powerful Magnets, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products at competitive prices. Our neodymium rectangular magnets are no exception. If you are looking for high-quality magnets that are built to last, look no further than Powerful Magnets.

Looking for NdFeB magnets for sale? With easy online ordering and fast delivery, getting your hands on our high-quality magnets has never been easier. Order your neodymium rectangular magnets today and experience the power and durability of our high-quality magnets.


FAQs of Rectangular Neodymium Magnets

How are square neodymium magnets made out?

Simply speak, square neodymium magnets are made out by steps of sintering, cutting. Small square & rectangular neodymium magnets are got by cutting from bigger neodymium magnet blocks. Surface treatment is needed for applied neodymium magnets, because they are not corrosion resistant.

What's the strongest & most powerful square&rectangular magnet on the earth?

Rare earth rectangular magnets are usually known as strong type rectangle magnet,for a certain size,the strongest and most powerful square(rectangular) magnet on the earth must be made of rare earth neodymium.

How to express a rectangular neodymium magnet?

A rectangular shaped neodymium magnet block are expressed with length,width and thickness, for example: L x W x T

Where to buy high-quality and cheap square&rectangular neodymium magnets?

Meank Magnetics is global neodymium magnets manufacturer supplier who always deliver high-quality square(rectangular) neodymium magnets with affordable price,all neodymium rare earth rectangular magnets are supplied with standard magnetic properties, contact us today for quotation.


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