The rubber coated magnetic systems under this category are gummed with plastic tie loops. With the plastic loops, cables, wires, pipes can be tied onto the magnetic system. They are ideal solution for instantly mounting cable onto metal surface, and known as rubber coated magnetic cable(wire, pipe) holder(cable mounting magnets). By using professional cable holding(mounting) magnets bring a lot of convenience and short the working time. Our rubber coated magnetic cable(wire, pipe) holders are widely used warehouse, workshop and outdoor shed. Big size is not necessary for cable mounting magnets, common rubber coated cable tie mounting magnets are supplied with size of 22mm, 31mm, 43mm. 

Benefits Of Rubberized Cable Mounting & holding Magnets

  • Rubberized cable(wire,pipe) mounting & holding magnets are made of rare earth neodymium, which is strong enough for most of cables.

  • The magnetic system is easy to handle, rubber coated magnetic cable(wire, pipe) holder can also be used by non professionals.

  • The scratch will not caused onto other surface by using rubber coated cable (wire, pipe)mounting(holding)magnets.

  • Rubberized magnetic cable(wire, pipe) magnetic holder can be reused many times without corrosion.

FAQ of Rubber Coated Cable Mounting Magnets

  • Where & When Are Rubber Coated Magnetic Cable Holders Used?

    The rubber coated magnetic cable holder are nice magnetic accessory if you need to fix cables, wires, and pipes onto some ferromagnetism surface with painted where drilling is impossible and surface need to be protected. Magnetic wires&cable holders are mainly used for temporary power connection


Meank supports customized magnets to meet your various demand.