A magnets with self-adhesive on one of the magnetized surface is called self-adhesive magnet A magnets with self-adhesive on one of the magnetized surface is called self-adhesive magnet

Our neodymium adhesive magnets have the high performance of neodymium and the adhesion of 3M 468 adhesive. All adhesive magnets are supplied with peel backing to reveal 3M adhesive. Both north and south poles of adhesive backed magnets can be used. If you want to use two adhesive backing magnets stick together to close a cardboard folder, north and south pole magnets need to be used together, so that they attract each other.

A wide range of custom 3M adhesive backed neodymium magnets for sale. A wide range of custom 3M adhesive backed neodymium magnets for sale.

The most often used 3M adhesive rare earth neodymium magnets include disc adhesive neodymium magnets and rectangular(square, bar) adhesive neodymium magnets.  Various size are available for these adhesive backed magnets. All the adhesive backed neodymium have the following features:

  • 3M 486 adhesive backing for best adhesion;

  • Quick release tab for fast and effective liner removal;

  • Strongest magnet material available;

  • Maximum operating temperature 80°C.

We only list and show some best seller adhesive neodymium magnets. Welcome you contact us for custom adhesive magnets if there is no one meet your demands.

Applications Of Adhesive Backed Neodymium Magnets

Our adhesive backed magnets are made up of neodymium magnet and high quality 3M self-adhesive tape, they are used more and more in our daily life.

Self-adhesive backed neodymium magnets enrich your creativity:

Self adhesive magnets are also suitable for different creative work. From book covers to greeting cards, auto folding folders to emails that make your company stand out in any situation. Self adhesive disc magnets and self-adhesive square magnet will bring you unexpected surprises.

Attach adhesive backed neodymium magnets to drawers and boxes:

For children, self-adhesive magnets are an appropriate child safety device. At any time, adhesive magnets of different thickness can be connected to the drawer or cabinet door, which is a common way to safely close the drawer. Because knives and scissors are often placed in drawers, the use of self-adhesive magnets can enhance the magnetic surface strength of drawers or cabinet doors and promote safety and security for children.

FAQs of Adhesive Backed Neodymium Magnets

  • Q

    What type of adhesive do you use on adhesive rare earth neodymium magnets?


    In order to ensure sufficient adhesion, we use 3M self-adhesive. 3M self-adhesive backed rare earth neodymium magnet is the most widely used self-adhesive magnet

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    When are self-adhesive magnets used?


    What should you do when you need to make a non-metallic with magnetism? In this case, self-adhesive magnet is a good solution. Self adhesive backed magnets can be applied to various non ferromagnetic object surfaces and provide magnetic force without losing adhesion.

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    What can I do with self-adhesive magnets?


    Many small and creative handicrafts can be made with self-adhesive magnets. You can attach a lucky cent or a lucky euro to your paper card with self-adhesive magnets.

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    How to correctly used 3M adhesive backed neodymium magnets?


    To ensure a strong bond, make sure that the surface to be bonded is clean before removing the protective film on the back of the adhesive magnets.Ensure that the selected surface is smooth to ensure the best retention of the adhesive. In addition, after removing the film on the back of the super adhesive backed magnet, the self-adhesive magnet is pressurized and placed in the required position to avoid cavitation.


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