The ring magnets that height is larger than diameter are classified as tube magnet by us.Most tube-shaped neodymium magnets are axially magnetized,North and south poles are located on the flat circular surfaces ("top and bottom"). Only a few of neodymium tube magnets are diametrically magnetized, with poles "left and right" are marked with an exclamation mark.

Types of Neodymium Tube Magnets

Notice of neodymium tube magnets

  • All neodymium tube magnets may chip and shatter easily, not give pressure on it.

  • Keep any neodymium tube magnets away from pacemakers and electronics

  • Neodymium tube magnets are interesting,but not toy for children, parental supervision required.

  • If a neodymium tube magnet damaged,please dispose the pieces well,or the pieces will bring injure to you.

Applications For Neodymium Tube Magnets

With diametrically magnetized neodymium tube magnets, you can build sculptures. You can also combine them with other shapes, such as neodymium rod magnets.

Tube shaped neodymium magnets are perfect for use in workshops. If the magnetism of your screwdriver is weakening, it can be restored with the help of poweful magnet tube. 

Tube-shaped neodymium magnets can be used as magnetic holders, if you always misplace your pencil when working in the workshop, a tube neodymium magnet can help you. Just put the end of the pencil through the hole of a suitable neodymium tube magnet,then the pencil sticks to ferromagnetic surfaces

Some rare earth tube magnets with are suitable for making decorative cords, thanks to their silver or golden alloy. These magnetic cords are used, for example, to tie back curtains. 

Diametrical powerful neodymium tube magnets can used as magnetic separator,put a water or oil pipe through the hole of the powerful tube magnets,then all metal impurity are attracted on the inner wall of the pipe.

FAQs Of Neodymium Tube Magnets

  • What is the strongest & most powerful tube magnet in the world?

    The strongest&most powerful tube magnets are made of rare earth magnetic material,and the tube magnet of neodymium is the strongest & most powerful tube magnet in the world.

  • How are neodymium tube magnets made out?

    Tube shaped neodymium magnets(neodymium tube magnets) are made from cylindrical neodymium magnets through drilling or digging process.

  • Where to buy high quality and cheap neodymium tube magnets?

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