Rubber Coated (Neodymium) Pot Magnets for holding,mounting,fixing and organizing Rubber Coated (Neodymium) Pot Magnets for holding,mounting,fixing and organizing

Neodymium pot magnet coated with rubber is a strong and durable magnetic component. It is made of N35 neodymium disc magnets, connected to flat steel disk, and wrapped with black isoprene rubber. It will not leave any trace after use. The pot magnet protected by rubber coating can be free from corrosion or oxidation for long-term use in outdoor environment. It also prevents the magnet from breaking easily. and provides higher slip resistance than other types of coated or uncoated magnets.Rubber coated pot magnets are also know as rubber coated base magnets or mounting magnets, and used for all types mounting and holding.

Application of rubber coated (neodymium) base magnets

Due to high magnetic strength and weather resistance, rubber coated(neodymium) base magnets are widely used for indoor and outdoor heavy duty applications. You can used rubber coated base magnets for holding, mounting, and organizing, from installing lamps or fixtures to equipment maintenance, holding tools and organizing items in warehouses, workstations and outdoor areas. External threaded rubber coated base magnet and internal threaded rubber coated base magnet are the most popular base magnets, they are the foundation of all applications of holding&mounting.

Features of rubber coated pot base magnets

  • Strong magnetic pull force,all rubber coated pot base magnets are made with rare earth neodymium magnets,which provide stronger magnetic force than any other magnets.

  • Waterproof&corrosion resistant, the rubber coating can isolate moisture, make the neodymium base magnet waterproof and corrosion-resistant, and greatly prolong its service life.

  • Suitable for different installation methods, external thread and internal thread design, suitable for standard fasteners and accessories.

  • Good skid resistance, the thickness of the black rubber coating is about 0.03 inch to make the surface soft and slip resistant.

  • Multi-pole design, the base magn    ets are arranged in the order of N-pole and S-pole, forming a multi-pole magnetic system to maximize the magnetic force.

FAQs Of Rubber Coated Base Magnets

  • Q

    How is the magnetic strength of a rubber coated base magnet measured?


    The magnetic strength of the rubber coated base (pot) magnet is calculated on the assumption that the pot magnet is placed on a 1 / 2 "thick flat low carbon steel plate.

  • Q

    What factors affect the magnetic force of a rubber coated pot(base)magnet?


    The actual magnetic force of a rubber coated base/pot magnet will be affected by coating thickness, corrosion, rough surface and some environmental conditions.

  • Q

    How to use rubber coated base magnets safely?


    Please test the actual magnetic pull force in practical application. For special or dangerous applications, it is recommended to reduce the magnetic force by 1/3 according to the potential influencing factors.

  • Q

    What are the advantages of rubber coated pot&base magnets?


    The rubber coated pot&base magnet has the advantages of waterproof, scratch resistance and increased friction


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