• Strong Magnetic Clasps
  • Strong Magnetic Clasps

Neodymium Magnetic Clasps

The magnetic clasps are made of neodymium magnets,different sized strong neodymium magnetic clasps are best magnetic accessories for jewelry and textile. In the center of the neodymium magnets, there is cylindrical bore hole for threading, clasp magnet for connecting must be used in pair with N-pole and S-pole. We have round magnetic clasps which include D5x5mm, D6x6mm, D7x7mm and D8x8mm clasps, also have rectangle magnetic clasps which include 5x5x5mm,6x6x6mm, 7x7x7mm, 8x8x8mm 12x6x6mm with double holes and 18x6x6mm with three holes .

Neodymium Magnetic Clasps

Application of Magnetic Clasps Magnets

The magnetic clasps(buckle) are mainly used for bracelets and necklaces. Put a N-pole magnetic clasp(buckle) magnet on one end of the jewelry and a S-pole magnetic buckle magnet on the other end. When wearing jewelry with strong magnetic clasps(buckles), as long as the two ends are close to each other, they will naturally attract together. Through the use of strong magnetic buckles, the two ends of the necklace or bracelet can be closely connected, and can be worn and removed more quickly. Even a blind person can wear jewelry with magnetic buckle independently

Application of Magnetic Clasps MagnetsApplication of Magnetic Clasps Magnets

Features of Neodymium Magnetic Clasps

One side of each magnetic clasp magnet has a (1mm) hole for threading material, and the other side has a (2mm or 2.5mm large hole, depending on your finishing preference) for hiding the knot.

Rich colors, according to the different colors of necklaces and bracelets. Our strong neodymium magnetic clasps can be made into silver, gold, black and gun metal colors.

According to the size of beads on jewelry, powerful neodymium magnetic clasps can be made into different sizes. For magnetic claps, its magnetic force can also be adjusted under the condition of unchanged size.

Why Choose Our Magnetic Clasps For Your Jewelry?

1. We use standard neodymium magnetic material to make all clasp magnets, these clasp magnets have strong enough holding force.

2. The electroplating of our clasp magnets are better, these clasp magnets can be used long time without fading.

3. We have better equipment to make the small holes on the magnetic clasps, and there are no broken on the surface of our neodymium clasp magnets.

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