Heart-shaped magnet has a unique and novel shape, they are commonly known as ferrite or rubber teaching magnet. The heart shape magnets in this category are strong heart magnets , which are made from rare earth neodymium material, they are 10 times strongest than that of ferrite

Because neodymium magnetic material has strong machinability, it can be processed into various special shapes, heart-shaped neodymium magnet is one of the special strong magnets. You can order neodymium heart magnets for any size, and mould is not needed. 

Like as ferrite rubber heart magnets, neodymium heart magnets can be made into different colors and used as teaching magnets. With strong magnetic holding force, you can use heart shaped neodymium magnets as unique magnetic pins to hold paper cards on whiteboard or fridge. 

Types of Neodymium Heart Magnets

Neodymium Heart Magnets Safety Warning

These neodymium heart magnets are not toy for children.  They may break and cut severely. If taken into the mouth these heart-shaped neodymium magnets may pinch across internal organ membranes with deadly results.Children that may put things in their mouths should be kept away from these neodymium heart-shaped magnets.  


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