double sided neodymium fishing magnetThe search (fishing) magnets in this category have two operation surface, and have two threaded hole for ring bolts, they are known as double sided fishing(search) magnets. This fishing magnets double sided are assembled with two neodymium magnet rings. You can quickly salvage or search the ferromagnetic objects dropped by yourself or others from deep water with a double sided powerful fishing (search) magnet. The sizes of this double sided fishing (search) magnets for sale are available with 48mm, 60mm, 75mm, 94mm, 116mm and 136mm.

Double Sided Magnets for Fishing Types

Double Sided Salvage Magnets Features

  • Two piece powerful neodymium ring magnets are assembled, neodymium search (fishing) magnets are the strongest double sided fishing magnets.

  • Fill the gap between the magnet and the iron shell with special epoxy glue, which has good sealing and waterproof effect.

  • Two threaded holes, which provide different working possibility to the double sided neodymium search/ fishing magnets.

  • Every double sided neodymium search magnet is supplied with two durable ring bolts, the size of ring bolts changes according to the sizes of the  search magnets.

Double Sided Magnet Fishing Magnets Application

Strong magnetic force, the double sided neodymium fishing magnets are mainly used for heavy duty salvage & searching iron objects. They can also be used in hardware, plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical, ceramics, building materials, tobacco, cotton spinning, food, deep water fishing and iron search & detect industries. 

Our advantages on Double Sided Search Magnets

  • We supply double sided neodymium fishing magnets with full sizes & magnetic force range.

  • We supply double sided neodymium search/fishing magnets with the best electroplating to maximize their service life.

  • We provide professional retail package for every double sided neodymium strong search(fishing)magnet to solve the problems of transportation.

  • We can provide salvage accessories(such as ropes, hooks, gloves) for each double sided neodymium search/ fishing magnets.

  • We have stock for most types of common type double sided neodymium search/fishing magnet and can deliver it quickly.

  • We can make custom doubled sided neodymium search/salvage magnets to your specifications.

Contact us for Fishing Magnet Double Sided

You'll get the best double sided neodymium strong fishing magnets from us, if no standard & common neodymium search magnets from the table meet your needs, please contact us for custom double sided search/ fishing magnets.


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