Cylindrical pot magnets are known as deep pot magnets Cylindrical pot magnets are known as deep pot magnets

The magnet system that the magnet encased in a cylindrical housing is known as a deep pot magnet. Different from shallow pot magnets, the height size is larger than the diameter size. The cylindrical housing is usually made of galvanized steel or copper-zinc alloy and brass. The magnet system can be bonded, pressed in, or retracted. When you buy our deep pot magnet, you can choose different types, such as deep pot magnets with threaded holes and externally threaded studs, you can also choose different materials, neodymium, samarium, and Alnico deep pot magnets.

Features For Different Types Deep Pot Magnet Features For Different Types Deep Pot Magnet

The magnetic core of the peep pot magnet holder include neodymium (NdFeB), samarium cobalt (SmCo) or aluminum nickel cobalt (alnico). Depending on the material used, the deep pot magnet has different clamping force and responds differently to high temperature requirements. Neodymium deep pot magnet has the strongest holding force

On the other hand, AlNiCo deep pot magnets have good adhesion, but they can't compare with neodymium deep pot magnet holders in this regard. Samarium cobalt deep pot magnet is located in the force development between the other two magnet systems. However, in terms of temperature resistance, the opposite is true. AlNiCo has the highest heat resistance and neodymium has the lowest heat resistance.

Different type deep pot magnet reaches the following maximum operating temperature: NdFeB 80 °C / SmCo 250 ° C / alnico 450 ° C.

Possible Uses For Deep pot magnets Possible Uses For Deep pot magnets

The deep pot magnet system can also be used as a practical auxiliary equipment for attaching or fixing objects in the private sector. However, the deep pot magnet system is optimized for industrial magnets, preferably for mechanical engineering or tool manufacturing.

Deep pot magnets can be used in the following places 

  • Workshops

  • Industry

  • Semiconductor Technology

  • Warehousing

  • Office

  • School

  • Research

FAQs Of Deep Pot Magnets

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    What are deep pot magnets?


    Deep pot magnets are cylindrical holding magnet assemblies.The magnet sits inside a deep steel house which provides extra strong magnetism to the only one face,the steel house not only provides a hole for fixing ,but also protects the magnet from damage.

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    What are the precautions for installing magnets?


    When installing deep pot magnets, it is not important whether the housing is galvanized or made of brass. It is important to ensure that it is not directly surrounded by iron. In this case, the holding force is reduced by up to 15%. The optimum distance varies, but is usually specified by the manufacturer. If the deep pot magnet is used on uneven, painted or thin surfaces, the holding force will also be reduced.

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    How to choose a deep pot magnets?


    When you a deep pot magnet, you need to consider the installation method, including internal thread and external stud.Magnetic force and temperature conditions also need to be considered

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    What should we pay attention to when using deep pot magnets?


    The strong magnetic field of deep pot magnets can have direct effects on electronic devices such as:

    • Clocks, digital

    • Storage media

    • EC-Cards

    In order to ensure that the fixed deep pot magnet maintains its function, it shall not be sawed, filed or drilled. If the magnetic core breaks and falls on the floor, it will also have a negative impact.

    To avoid data loss and damage, it is recommended that the safety distance be at least 1m. Pacemakers, electricity meters and gas meters are also affected by this problem.


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