• Neodymium Star Magnets 15x3mm
  • Neodymium Star Magnets 15x3mm

Neodymium Star Magnets 15x3mm

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Star Magnet




15 mm


15 mm


3 mm


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Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)

Neodymium Star Magnets 15x3mm Magnet Description

star-shaped strong rare earth neodymium permanent magnets 15x15x3mm with nickel plated

We are a leading neodymium magnet company, providing exceptional quality and service at competitive neodymium magnet cost. Our selection includes a star shape magnet that offers high magnetic strength and durability, perfect for a range of industrial and creative applications.

Neodymium Star Magnets 15x3mm Technical Information

Magnet Type: Star Magnet

Material: neodymium N35

Size: 15x15x3mm

Coating: Nickel-Copper-Nickel

Application: white board magnet, magnet button, office magnet

Neodymium Star Magnets 15x3mm Magnet Features

Powerful strength,the start magnets are made of the strongest rare earth magnetic material of neodymium,they are known as the most powerful start magnets.

Shiny appearance,nickel plated gives the neodymium star magnets shiny appearance.

The star shaped strong rare earth neodymium magnet are used cute magnetic for whiteboard and fridge.

Safety Warning: These neodymium star magnets are not toy for children.  They may break and cut severely. If taken into the mouth these star-shaped neodymium magnets may pinch across internal organ membranes with deadly results.Children that may put things in their mouths should be kept away from these neodymium star-shaped magnets.  

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  • N35 Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets In Star Shape 15x15x3mm

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