Types Of Magnetic Holder Types Of Magnetic Holder

All magnet assemblies that used for organizing and holding ferromagnetic objects are known as magnetic holder or holding magnets. Because of the strong holding force, they bring great convenience to life and solve many problems for working. Our magnetic holders are classified into magnetic tools holders,magnetic knife holders and magnetic welding holders. All these magnetic holders are great design to use magnetism. And all magnetic holders in this category have super strength.

Where To Buy Magnetic Holders?

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Application of each kind of magnetic holders Application of each kind of magnetic holders
  • The magnetic welding holder is used to hold the ferromagnetic work-pieces to be welded, so the welding work can be carried out accurately and safely. It is the best auxiliary tool for welding work.

  • The magnetic tool holder is used to hold frequently used metal tools. It is an ideal magnetic storage&organizing product in the repair workshop.

  • The magnetic knife holder is mainly used to hold all kinds of commonly used cooking utensils. It is the best storage tool for family and restaurant kitchens.

Do Magnetic Tool Holders Work?

Most magnetic tool holders work well when holding light-weight tools, such as screwdrivers or small wrenches. But if you're looking for something that will hold a heavy tool, such as a large wrench, or even a sledgehammer, you will need a magnet with some power.


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