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Ceramic Block / Bar Magnets

Ferrite magnets, also known as ceramic magnets, are a type of permanent magnet that are made by combining iron oxide and strontium carbonate. These magnets are known for being strong, inexpensive, and an essential member of the permanent magnet group. Among the different types of ferrite magnets, block or bar-shaped ones, known as ceramic block/bar magnets, are the most commonly used. They can also be found in square or rectangular shapes.

Types of Ceramic Block Magnets

Ferrite block magnets for sale

We have a range of sizes of ferrite block magnets for sale, ranging from small to large sizes, with hundreds of more options. The grade range from Ceramic 1, Ceramic 5, to Ceramic 8, however we only list out a part of ferrite block magnets,which are the best seller for magnet distributors.

Magnetization Options:

The majority of commercial ferrite blocks are anisotropic and possess a preferred direction for magnetization. However, diverse pole configurations can be attained without interfering with the magnetization direction of the ceramic magnet. Anisotropic ferrite block magnets offer greater magnetic strength compared to isotropic ferrite blocks.

What Are Ceramic Block Magnets Used For

You can use ceramic block/bar magnets for many consumer & commercial applications, such as craft projects, refrigerator magnets, badge holders, latches, display boards, motors, lifting magnets, science projects, toys, games, POP displays, advertising giveaways & much more. Large ferrite block magnets are often used in sweeping and separation applications. Smaller ferrite block magnets are commonly used in DC motors, as sensors and in various hand crafts. 


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