The special magnet blocks that have the same sizes of length,width and height are give the name of cube magnets. The cube magnets in this category are made of rare earth neodymium material, which known as rare earth neodymium cube magnets.

Types of Neodymium Cube Magnets

Full range cube neodymium magnets for sale

Our cube shaped neodymium magnets are not limited to this catalog, we' re leading manufacturer supplier of neodymium cube magnets, we can customize cube neodymium magnets with widest size range for all grade,which range from N35 to N52. The most popular sizes of cube neodymium magnets include 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 20mm.

Applications for neodymium cube magnets

Due to its super strong magnetic force, neodymium cube magnet is a high-quality magnet for magnetic bulletin board, metal strip or other ferromagnetic surface (such as refrigerator). At the same time, the neodymium magnet is small, difficult to pierce the paper and easy to remove. The ideal product for this purpose is 5mm neodymium cube magnets. Its adhesion is sufficient for postcards, notes, photos, etc. For fixing thick cardboard, large posters or magnetic glass plates, we recommend using larger cube neodymium magnets with stronger adhesion,such as 10mm or 12mm cube magnets.

Cube neodymium rare earth magnets also used for experiments: simple motors can be made of wires, batteries and strong magnets.Small cube neodymium magnets are also popular in architectural sculpture,because of their smooth surface, they can easily be arranged in a row or piece.you can use different nickel, copper or gold surface coated cube magnets.

FAQS of neodymium cube magnets

  • What is the strongest & most powerful cube magnet in the world?

    Rare earth cube magnets are usually known as strong&powerful cube magnets, in terms of material,cube magnet neodymium are the strongest & most powerful cube magnet in the world.

  • How to know&find the magnetic poles of a cube neodymium magnet?

    Rare earth neodymium cube magnet is a very popular and versatile permanent magnet. Geometrically, they are cuboids with the same length, width and height,so you can't know the magnetic pole of a cube neodymium magnet without the help of other objects. To test the magnetic pole of a cube magnet, you can test the adhesion and repulsion of each cube side with a second same magnet. You can also use a magnetic pole detector or a magnetic pole probe to determine the magnetic pole.

  • Where to buy high quality and cheap strong & powerful neodymium cube magnets?

    As a leading neodymium magnets manufacturer,Beilun Meank has strict quality control standards and always deliver qualified neodymium magnets, you can get high quality strong & powerful neodymium cube magnets from us at the cheapest price.

  • How are neodymium cube magnets made out?

    Small neodymium cube magnets are gotten by cutting from big block neodymium magnets,to make it rust-resistant,surface coating is necessary for neodymium cube magnets.


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