All ring magnets in this category are made of ceramic magnetic material. Our hard ceramic ferrite ring magnets consist of iron oxide and barium carbonate or strontium carbonate. Ceramic ring magnet has become a popular choice for many consumer, commercial and technical applications because of its cheap price and relatively good holding force. You can order wide size range of ceramic ring magnets from us for most of application.

Features Of Ring Shaped Ceramic(Ferrite) Magnets

  • when you need low cost, high grip strength and high value, ceramic rings provide economic magnetic force for price sensitive applications.

  • The round ceramic ring magnet is dark carbon gray and does not have metallicity.

  • Ceramic ring magnets are not suited for high-temperature applications (over 250° C).

  • Ferrite ring magnets are axially magnetized.

Application Of Ceramic(Ferrite) Ring Magnets

These round ceramic rings are ideal for DIY projects and DIY magnets. Glue them to the back of any light to medium weight item and place it on the refrigerator, locker, whiteboard or any ferrous metal surface. Perfect for home, school and office.

Ceramic ring magnets are nice for many applications, for example, they are use as motor magnets, consumer electronics magnets, and speaker magnets, sensor magnets, hobby magnets, craft magnets.

Ferrite ring magnets can work in higher temperature applications where not need strong magnetic field. The lower magnetic field produced by ceramic/ferrite magnets requires a larger size to get the field required,but ceramic is low cost.


Meank supports customized magnets to meet your various demand.