The ceramic ring magnets within this classification are all manufactured using magnetic ceramic material. Our hard ceramic ferrite ring magnets are composed of barium carbonate or strontium carbonate, in conjunction with iron oxide. Ceramic ring magnets are a prevalent option across consumer, commercial, and technical applications owing to their low pricing and reasonably effective retention capability. We offer an extensive selection of sizes for ceramic ring magnets to suit a wide array of applications.

Features Of Ring Shaped Ceramic(Ferrite) Magnets

  • Low cost: ceramic (ferrite) magnets are some of the most cost-effective permanent magnets on the market.

  • High resistance to corrosion: ceramic (ferrite) magnets can withstand corrosion and rust, particularly when used in a saline environment.

  • Exceptional durability: ceramic (ferrite) magnets are hard and brittle, which allows them to maintain their form and resist chipping.

  • Relatively low magnetic energy: the magnetic energy of ceramic (ferrite) magnets is lower than that of other permanent magnets.

  • Versatility: ceramic (ferrite) magnets are available in various shapes and sizes, including ring-shaped magnets. 

  • Availability: ceramic (ferrite) magnets are widely produced and manufactured.

Application Of Ceramic(Ferrite) Ring Magnets

  • Electric motors and generators: ceramic (ferrite) ring magnets are used in a range of electric motor and generator designs, including those used in washing machines, power tools, and fans.

  • Medical devices: ceramic (ferrite) magnets are used in a variety of medical instruments and equipment, such as MRI machines.

  • Automotive industry: ceramic (ferrite) magnets are used in various automotive applications, such as power steering pumps and fuel injectors.

  • Audio equipment: ceramic (ferrite) ring magnets are often used in loudspeakers, headphones, and microphones.

  • Home appliances: ceramic (ferrite) magnets can be found in various kitchen and home appliances, including refrigerator door seals and vacuum cleaners.

  • Industrial applications: ceramic (ferrite) magnets are utilized in many industrial applications, such as magnetic clamps, separators, and sweepers.

  • Research and development: ceramic (ferrite) magnets are commonly used in scientific research and development, such as experiments on magnetic fields.


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