Single Sided Search MagnetsThe neodymium magnets for fishing which have only one magnetic surface and known as single sided fishing/search/salvage/recovery magnets.All types of neodymium pot magnets are suite for magnetic fishing,the single sided neodymium fishing/search/salvage magnets in this category are assembled with flat internal thread neodymium pot magnets. The size of this type single sided search(fishing) magnets include 48mm, 60mm, 75mm, 94mm, 116mm and 136mm. And the magnetic force of the powerful fishing magnets range from 100kgs to 600kgs.

Types of Single Sided Search Magnets

How to use a single sided strong neodymium fishing/search magnet?

The single-sided fishing magnet (search magnet) set needs a long enough rope and a strong hook. Throw the single-sided neodymium fishing magnet (search magnet) to the target position at the bottom of the water, and then slowly pull the strong fishing/search magnet through the rope. During the movement of the neodymium fishing magnet, as long as the ferromagnetic object contact with the fishing magnets, it will firmly attracted until it is pulled out of the water.

Application of single sided neodymium search(fishing,salvage) magnets

  • The single sided strong neodymium fishing/search magnets widely used in shipyards to salvage the ferromagnetic tools that fall to the bottom of the water.

  • The strong single sided fishing magnet can be used by underwater treasure hunter to search and recovery many objects dropped by others, magnetic fishing become to be an interesting outdoor activity.

  • The single sided powerful salvage/search magnets are used by some people to earn money by reclaiming valuable underwater objects.

  • For safe and easy underwater salvage,strong single sided salvage/search magnets are great solution.

Custom Neodymium Fishing/search Magnets-what We Can Help You On Fishing Magnets

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