Samarium Cobalt Block & Rectangular Magnets Suite For Extreme Temperatures

Block and rectangular samarium cobalt (SmCo) magnets are among the most commonly used shapes for rare earth magnets. These magnets offer exceptional magnetic stability even under extreme temperatures, making them highly reliable in technical applications. 

As part of the rare earth magnet family, SmCo magnets are known for their high resistance to corrosion and demagnetization, resulting in superior magnetism compared to other block magnets. They are widely utilized in diverse industries, ranging from medical equipment to high-performance motors and sensor systems.

Magnetic stability is crucial in extreme temperature environments, where space is usually a limiting factor. Therefore, SmCo rectangular magnets are the ideal solution for these technical applications. With their exceptional magnetic properties and reliability, SmCo block and rectangular magnets are the go-to choice for demanding applications where performance and stability are critical.

Custom SmCo Block (Rectangular) Magnets Are Available

We have been supplying custom samarium cobalt (SmCo) block & rectangular magnets for worldwide enterprise customers. Including medical magnets, sensor magnets and aerospace components. Our custom samarium cobalt block magnets are applied in the fields as below:

· High Performance Motors

· Actuators

· Generators

· Turbo Machinery

· Electric Motors

· Magnetic Separation Devices

· Traveling Wave Tubes

· Magnetic Couplings

· Magnetic Bearings

· Sensor Systems

· Drilling Equipment

· Wind Turbine Equipment

· Energy Recovery Systems

· Medical Devices

· Missile Components

· Industrial Automation Equipment

· Pipeline Inspection

· Robotic Arms

· Gyroscopes

· Accelerometers

· Particle Accelerators

· Sputtering Deposition

· Magnetic Drive Components

· Halbach Arrays & more

Application of SmCo Rectangular Neodymium Magnets

Samarium cobalt (SmCo) magnet has excellent temperature stability and can maintain its excellent magnetism under extreme temperature conditions. The technical applications that require high performance and magnetic strength at very low or high temperatures often use SmCo rectangular magnets. For example, Samarium cobalt(SmCo) rectangular magnets are mainly used in automotive, aerospace, medical, military, industrial manufacturing, semiconductor, wind power, electric power, petroleum and energy industries

Application Of Smco Rectangular Magnets


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