In industrial production, it is impossible to separate metal impurities from different raw materials by hand, and professional separating tools and equipment must be relied on. So high efficiency and strong permanent magnetic separators are developed out. Various powerful magnetic separators(separating magnets) have been used in many factories, which greatly improves the production efficiency. 

The magnetic system composed of permanent magnet and stainless steel tube is known as permanent magnetic separator, also known as permanent magnetic filter. The smallest unit of permanent magnetic separator (magnetic filter) is strong magnetic rod. By concentrating the magnetic lines of force, the surface magnetism of each magnetic rod reaches the extreme value. The surface magnetic energy of no permanent magnet material is compared with that of strong magnetic rod. It can easily separate metal impurities from any material. Magnetic separation system can be used in food, medicine, cosmetics, chemical industry and other industries. 

Different industries have different requirements for magnetic separators. We mainly produce permanent magnetic rods(bars), grid magnetic separator, drawer magnetic separator, liquid magnetic separator. And provide magnetic separating solutions.

The Features Of Magnetic Separators

The strongest surface magnetism. The surface magnetism of the magnetic rod used in the magnetic separator can be as high as 12000 Gauss.Compared with ordinary magnetic materials, its magnetic strength is 5-20 times that of ordinary magnetic materials

The surface treatment grade of permanent magnetic separator has reached the standard of food safety grade.

Why Choose Our Permanent Magnetic Separators(Magnetic Filter)?

  • The appearance is better, we have higher standard for the surface treatment of our permanent magnet separator (magnetic filter)than our competitors.

  • The magnetic force is stronger,we use better neodymium magnets to make the permanent magnet separator(magnetic filter) stronger.

  • Professional solutions, we can provide professional magnetic solutions for magnetic separating.

  • With faster delivery time, we can deliver ordinary magnetic separators(magnetic filters) in a shorter time.

  • More promises, we have more after-sale promises on magnetic separator (magnetic filter )for every customer.


Meank supports customized magnets to meet your various demand.