• Ceramic(Ferrite) Block Magnets 4
  • Ceramic(Ferrite) Block Magnets 4

Ceramic(Ferrite) Block Magnets 4"X 3"X1/2"(101.6x76.2x12.7mm)

The large ceramic(ferrite) block magnets 4"X 3"X1/2"(101.6x76.2x12.7mm) of C8 grade are made by mould pressing,they can be provided at cheap price,

Technical Date: Material: Hard Ferrite-C8  Gauss Rating: 3,850 Gauss Pulling Force: 15 lbs.

Pole Orientations: Magnetized through 1/2",and N and S poles are on the 4X3" surfaces.

Applications: Our large ceramic block magnets 4"X3"X1/2"(101.6x76.2x12.7mm) are usually used for industrial separation, retrieval tools, magnetic therapy, water processing or personal projects.

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