Details of Magnetic Accessories Details of Magnetic Accessories

Most products in this category are not magnets, but they are often indispensable when you use magnets, they are used as auxiliary supplies for magnets, and sold as magnetic accessories.

Some magnetic accessories are used as professional tools that help us to measure and know technical data of magnets. Magnetic accessories are usually needed for magnet sellers and magnet users.

Types of common magnetic accessories Types of common magnetic accessories
  • Gauss-meter

  • Magnetic broom

  • Magnetic bracket

  • Telescopic magnet

  • Rubber covers for magnets

  • Pole Detector/Identifier

  • Magnetic Pick-Up Tools

  • Steel Plate/Discs for magnets

  • Adhesive Steel Discs

  • Steel Ball for magnetic toys

  • Steel hooks for magnetic hanging

  • Magnetic lifters

  • Magnetic separators

Applications of magnetic accessories

  • The gaussmeter is an instrument for measuring the flux density of magnetic fields a magnet. They are universal magnetic objects in the measurement of magnetic properties.

  • The magnetic broom and magnetic sweeper are instruments manufactured and used for the cleaning of metal particles from large surfaces, offices, workshops and other places, to maintain the safety of people and all the machines of the production line.

  • The magnetic pick-up tools can pick up lost metal objects in hard-to-reach places by simply extending the handle and bringing the tip of the magnet closerto the object to be picked up.

  • As their name suggests,pole detectors/identifier, are used to find the poles of a magnet and indicate where the north and south poles are.

FAQ of Magnetic Accessories

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