The cylindrical and round-shaped ceramic magnets are not identified as ceramic cylinder (rod) magnets. While they may not possess the same magnetic strength as neodymium magnet rods, they are a more cost-effective option and exhibit excellent resilience against demagnetization.

Ceramic Cylinder Magnets Are Sometimes Preferred Over Neodymium Cylinder Magnets

Ceramic (ferrite) cylinder/rod magnets, despite being relatively brittle, offer excellent resistance to corrosion and are capable of functioning in high-temperature environments. When affordability and strong demagnetization resistance are a key consideration, cylindrical magnets are a preferred alternative to neodymium cylinder magnets. Cylindrical ferrite (ceramic) magnets are utilized in various applications such as motors, water conditioning, and reed switches. In electronic circuits, ceramic/ferrite magnets suppress high-frequency noise, making them ideal for use in speakers and car audio systems.

Types of Ceramic Cylinder Magnets

  • Ceramic Cylinder Magnets 8x20mm
    8x20mm Small Cylindrical Magnets

    What Are Round Ceramic Magnets Used for with the 8x20mm Size?

    Round ceramic magnets with the 8x20mm size are small yet powerful magnets that are ideal for a variety of applications. Here are some of the ways in which these magnets are commonly used:

    • Crafts: The small size of these magnets makes them perfect for use in crafting projects, such as making fridge magnets or attaching decorations to metal surfaces.

    • Home organization: These magnets can be used to create magnetic storage systems for tools, spices, or other items in the home. They can also be used in place of traditional fasteners, such as screws or nails.

    • Office applications: Round ceramic magnets can be used in the office to create customized bulletin boards or to attach documents to metal surfaces.

    • Educational purposes: These magnets are popular in classrooms and science labs for experiments and demonstrations involving magnetism.

    • Automotive industry: They are also used in the automotive industry for various applications like lock transmission systems or in motor assemblies.

    Overall, these small yet sturdy magnets have a broad range of applications and are suitable for any project that requires a powerful magnetic force in a compact design.

    Advantages of an 8x20mm Ferrite Cylinder Magnet over Other Magnets

    Ferrite cylinder magnets measuring 8x20mm provide several advantages over other types of magnets. Here are some of the benefits of using an 8x20mm ferrite cylinder magnet:

    • Cost-effective: Ferrite magnets are the most affordable type of magnet, making them a popular choice for cost-sensitive applications.

    • Good resistance to corrosion and demagnetization: Ferrite magnets are highly resistant to corrosion and demagnetization. They are an excellent choice for applications that are exposed to harsh environments.

    • High working temperature: Ferrite magnets can operate at high temperatures without losing their magnetic properties. This makes them suitable for use in high-temperature applications, like automotive or industrial settings.

    • Wide range of sizes and shapes: Ferrite magnet manufacturers create various sizes and shapes, which provides several options to choose from when selecting the appropriate magnet for their application.

    • High stability: Ferrite magnets are stable and maintain their magnetic properties over prolonged periods of use.

    Overall, ferrite cylinder magnets measuring 8x20mm are a cost-effective, reliable, and high-performing option for a range of applications.

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Disadvantages of Ferrite (Ceramic) Cylinder/Rod Magnets

  • Not as strong as rare Earth neodymium magnets – typically offering around 1/7th the pull force of similarly sized neodymium magnets

  • Custom shapes can carry mould charges

  • When taken to around -20 degrees C (-4F) and colder, the Intrinsic Coercivity (Hci) falls to a level that risks the magnet possibly starting to demagnetise (depending on the shape and the application)

  • Ceramic Cylinder magnets are used in applications that involve a magnetic field with a longer field reach, including sensors, speakers, consumer products, consumer electronics, read switches and meters. If you require a specific size that is not available on our website, please contact us for a custom magnets offer 

Advantages of Ferrite (Ceramic) Cylinder/Rod Magnets

  • Do not corrode in water

  • Can be used up to +250 degrees C (482F)

  • Sometimes up to +300 degrees C (572F) in special circumstances

  • High coercivity (Hci) that increases as magnet heats up

  • Electrically insulating

  • Relatively low cost - good for cost saving projects


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