All plastic coated rare earth magnets in this category have magnetic core of rare earth neodymium magnets. The powerful neodymium magnets are fully sealed in the plastic coating. Such MEANK plastic coated magnets are easy to handle, you can use them on magnetic whiteboards. You can use MEANK plastic coated magnets in marine environment where normal Nickel coated magnets would rust easily. You can also use MEANK plastic coated magnets in the areas where a high level of moisture or water will suit these magnets, such as outdoor environment and beachfront areas.

Types of Plastic Coated Magnets

Feature of Plastic Coated Magnets

Plastic coated neodymium magnets are waterproof and rust resistant magnets, neodymium with plastic coating are waterproof,because the plastic layer can separate liquids such as water from the magnet, so as to protect the magnet from corrosion. So plastic coated neodymium magnets are know as waterproof magnets,rustproof magnets and corrosion resistant magnets.

Plastic coated neodymium magnets are unbreakable magnets. The plastic layer is hard and can protect the internal magnet from being broken due to strong magnetic force. Even if the inside magnet is broken, because there is an unbreakable plastic shell, it is still a completed magnet.So neodymium magnets with plastic coating are more durable than uncoated neodymium magnets, and known as unbreakable magnets.

Plastic coated neodymium are scratch resistance. The surface of neodymium magnet with ordinary electrodeposited coating is easy to be scratched by sharp objects, which affects the anti rust ability of the magnet.With the protection of the plastic layer, the electroplated layer will not be scratched, which greatly prolongs the service life of the magnet.So the neodymium magnets with plastic coated are known as scratch resistant magnets.

Common plastic coated neodymium magnets- The common plastic coated neodymium magnets we manufacturer include plastic coated disc magnets, plastic coated ring magnets,plastic coated cylinder magnets,plastic coated rectangular(block,bar ) magnets and plastic coated countersunk magnets.You can also contact us for custom plastic coated magnets with special shapes.

FAQ Of Plastic Coated Magnets

  • Where plastic coated magnets are used?

    Plastic coated magnets are used in wet environment where normal Nickel coated magnets would rust quickly,also used in the conditions where the normal Nickel coating is easy to be scratched.

  • What's the thickness of the plastic layer of plastic coated magn

    The normal thickness of plastic layer of plastic coated magnets is around 1mm.

  • Where to buy plastic coated neodymium magnets?

    Meank Magnetics are professional plastic coated magnets supplier,who has wider size range for each type of plastic coated neodymium magnets.Buy plastic coated neodymium magnets from us without mould-fee. 


Meank supports customized magnets to meet your various demand.