All the neodymium in this category are fully sealed in thin PVC plastic film,by encasing in thin PVC plastic,they will easily accept a needle and thread for fixing to costumes and clothing.Such PVC coated magnets are known as sewing magnets( also called sew-in magnets), are typically the best solution to use in fabrics as magnetic attachments, fasteners or clasps.

Sewing(sew-in) Magnets Are Used As Invisible Waterproof Magnetic Buttons

Each magnet is encased in as steel cup and sealed in a flexible waterproof plastic sheath to prevent moisture and corrosion and ensure that the magnetic cover provides lasting performance and reliability. In addition, the PVC plastic sheath has a wide sewing boundary, which is convenient for sewing clothes and fabrics. It is used as invisible waterproof magnetic buttons for clothes, curtains, pullovers, bedspreads, cushions and other articles that are regularly cleaned or dry cleaned.

Types of PVC Coated Magnets

Invisible Waterproof Sewing(sew In) Magnets are Sold In Matched Pairs

Each set of waterproof sewing magnets includes one bare North Pole and one bare South Pole PVC coated magnet. This allows you to pair them together to create magnetic latches, fasteners, and other closing mechanisms.

Multipurpose Of Waterproof Sewing Magnets

You can sew the waterproof sewing magnets on wallets, wallets, schoolbags, briefcases and tool/equipment supports, or on coats, shirts, pants, skirts, clothing and other clothing accessories for easy sealing. For regularly cleaned items, the plastic sheath on each magnet will prevent moisture and provide you with lasting performance and reliability.


Meank supports customized magnets to meet your various demand.