Ceramic(ferrite) are magnets are important motor magnets

Ferrite(ceramic)arc magnet is a kind of permanent magnet mainly made of SrO or Bao and Fe2O3. Compared with other arc magnets, ferrite arc magnets are hard and brittle with low magnetic energy. However, it is not easy to demagnetize, not easy to corrosion, simple production process and low price. In the whole ferrite magnet industry, the output of ferrite/ceramic arc magnet(also known as magnetic tile) is the most important, which is used for all kinds of motors. Therefore, ferrite arc(segment) magnets are often called motor magnets.

Production Process Of Ferrite Arc Motor Magnets

The production process of sintered ceramic/ferrite arc motor magnets is mainly divided into wet compression anisotropy, dry compression isotropy and dry compression anisotropy. The difference between anisotropy and isotropy lies in whether there is an oriented magnetic field during press molding. This paper mainly introduces the process of wet compression anisotropy. The wet pressing process is as follows: raw material - pre sintering - coarse crushing (primary ball milling) - batching - secondary ball milling (wet grinding) - magnetic field forming - sintering - grinding - Cleaning - magnetization. Because the formed slurry contains water, the formed particles are easy to turn in the magnetic field, so it can obtain a higher degree of orientation and higher performance than dry pressing

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Advantages Of Ferrite Magnetic Tile

The magnetic properties of ferrite magnetic tile show that it has high permeability at high frequency. Therefore, ferrite magnetic tile has become a widely used non-metallic magnetic material in the field of high frequency and weak current. Due to the low magnetic energy stored in the unit volume of ferrite and the low saturation magnetization (usually only 1 / 3-1 / 5 of pure iron), its application in the field of generation frequency strong current and high power requiring high magnetic energy density is limited


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