• Neodymium Waterproof Sewing Magnets-25x3.3mm
  • Neodymium Waterproof Sewing Magnets-25x3.3mm

Neodymium Waterproof Sewing Magnets-25x3.3mm

Magnet Size: 25 x 3.3 mm

PVC Film Size: 45 x 45 mm

Grade: N48 

Pull Force: 9.8 lb

Coating: Zinc (Zn) + Plastic Coating (Zinc-Plastic)

Magnetization: Axially

Magnet Material: Neodymium 

Tolerance: +/- 0.1mm

Max Operating Temperature: 80℃

Super Strong For The Size

The neodymium sewing magnets 25x3.3 have 9.8lb pull force,which is up to 10 times stronger than all other equal size ferrite, ceramic or alnico magnets. Super strength makes them ideal to be used with a wide variety of heavy fabrics such as canvas and leather.

Our selection of sewing magnets includes custom shaped neodymium magnets that provide secure and innovative fastening solutions for sewing and fabric projects. These magnets are strong, durable, and come in a variety of sizes, making them perfect for creative applications.


Encased in watertight plastic sheaths, these neodymium waterproof sewing magnets can be sewn into purses, wallets, satchels, briefcases and tool/equipment holders – as well as coats, shirts, pants, skirts, costumes and other clothing accessories for closure attachments. These neodymium waterproof sewing magnets are especially ideal for items that are washed regularly.


Our neodymium sewing magnets are composed of a superior grade neodymium magnet and plated with zinc for long-lasting durability.Al long as handled properly, these neodymium sewing magnets can hold their magnetism forever.

Please correctly use the waterproof neodymium sewing magnets in pairs matched as one + magnet and one - magnet

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