The self-adhesive backed block magnets in this page have the feature of large length to width ratio,which also called self-adhesive backed bar magnets. With 3M adhesive backing on one magnetic surface of the block bar magnets, it's possible to used them on different objects. You can used strong 3M self-adhesive backed neodymium bar magnets for your DIY crafts. Various sized 3M adhesive backed bar magnets are used in high grade gift box.Adhesive bar magnets can work with steel plate, and some used in pairs of south pole and north pole. South adhesive bar magnets have adhesive backing on north pole, and north adhesive bar magnets have adhesive backing on south pole.

Features Of Adhesive Backed (Neodymium)Bar Magnets

  • Our adhesive neodymium bar magnets have strong adhesion which given by high quality 3M adhesive.

  • Our neodymium bar magnets with adhesive backing have perfect holding strength relative to size.

  • Our adhesive backed neodymium bar magnets have quick release tab for rapid removal.

  • Our 3M self-adhesive backed bar magnets are made of the powerful rare earth neodymium.

  • Operating temperature (maximum) of our neodymium adhesive backed bar magnets is 80°C.


Meank supports customized magnets to meet your various demand.