Rubber Coated Magnetic Hooks

These black color magnetic hooks are composed of rubber coated round neodymium magnetic base and steel hook. With the durable rubber coating and steel hook, these rubber coated magnetic hooks have innumerable uses for hanging solutions. Rubber coated neodymium magnetic hooks are great for a variety of industrial and personal applications and can be used in almost unlimited ways.

Rubber Coated Magnetic Hooks 1

These super strong rubber coated magnetic hooks have many uses and can be used almost anywhere. Unlike ordinary hooks, these rubber coated neodymium magnetic hooks are powerful enough to keep objects stationary. If connected to a smooth, clean metal surface, these magnetic hooks can even be used for permanent applications and have sufficient holding force. If it is used on the precision surface that is easy to scratch, the rubber layer can avoid wear between the magnet and the surface, and protect the precision surface well.

Advantages of the neodymium magnetic hooks with rubber coated

  • Super Strong magnetic hooks: By using strong rare earth neodymium magnets, these rubber coated magnetic hooks are capable of holding up to .....kgs.

  • Nice Finish: Coated with thick rubber, these rubber coated magnetic hooks will not rust or be affected by weather,and known as waterproof magnetic hooks.

  • Used Almost Anywhere: Because of its powerful neodymium magnet, this magnetic hooks can hold up more weight than other hook magnets,and can be sued almost anywhere.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: This magnetic hooks with rubber coating ensure a long service life because they are built using only the highest quality materials which.

Application of rubber coated neodymium magnetic hooks

Rubber coated magnetic hooks are used in a large variety of applications. Magnetic hooks with rubber coated are damage-free solutions for any projects that surface is easily scratched. Some examples include key holders and cable management, such as outdoor lights, magnetic kitchen hooks & magnetic locker hooks. You can also use the magnetic hooks for refrigerate and steel doors.


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