Coated magnets have different coating from ordinary electrodeposited surface treatment,which are known as waterproof magnets Coated magnets have different coating from ordinary electrodeposited surface treatment,which are known as waterproof magnets

The neodymium magnets under this category electroplating have special surface treatment. In addition to ordinary electroplating treatment, they are coated with a layer of special functional materials (such as rubber and plastic), which are often called coated magnet,encased magnets, and injection magnets. The outside coating of magnet can completely isolate the magnet from humid air or water and play the role of corrosion and rust resistance, so these types of coated magnets are also known as waterproof (corrosion resistant) neodymium magnets.

Custom coated(encased) magnets can be supplied Custom coated(encased) magnets can be supplied

In addition to the common coated magnets mentioned above, we can also supply custom coated magnets for your application, such as teflon coated magnets, just tell us your needs and you will receive a satisfactory solution and quotation.

Characteristics of all types coated waterproof neodymium magnets

  • Depending on different outside coating materials, the types of commonly used coated magnets include plastic coating magnets, rubber coating magnets and PVC magnets. All of them have magnet core of neodymium.

  • Plastic coated neodymium magnet not only has strong magnetic force, but has a hard surface, waterproof, scratch resistant and not easy to damage. It is often called unbreakable neodymium magnet.

  • In addition to the basic waterproof and corrosion resistant function of the common coated magnets, the rubber coated neodymium magnet has a soft body to protect the contact surface from scratches.

  • PVC magnet is not only waterproof, but also suitable for sewing. It is known as sewable and sewing magnet, which can act as invisible waterproof magnetic button of clothing, curtains and other textiles.

FAQ of Coated Neodymium Magnets

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    Are neodymium magnets rust proof(corrosion-resistant)?


    Neodymium magnet is not rustproof(corrosion-resistant)magnet. Even the electroplated neodymium magnet is very easy to oxidize in a humid environment

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    How do you make a neodymium magnet waterproof(rustproof)?


    In order to enhance the corrosion resistance of neodymium magnet, a layer of material isolated from water and other liquids is usually coated on the outside of the electroplated magnet.And waterproof (rustproof)magnets are obtained by this method.

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    Why are neodymium magnets coated?


    The surface of neodymium magnet will rust after being exposed to the air for a long time, which will affect its service effect. In order to prolong its service life, the best way is to cover its surface with a layer of material isolated from water

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    Do magnetic lines go through plastic?


    Magnetic lines of force can pass through non ferromagnetic materials such as plastic, so the plastic coating will hardly affect the magnetism of a magnet


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