The disc or square neodymium magnets sealed in PVC film are best magnetic attachments for fabrics,which known as neodymium sewing magnets(also called sew in magnets)

Each magnet is coated in a soft waterproof PVC film for waterproof and corrosion resistant. To ensure that the neodymium sewing(sew-in) magnets have long-lasting performance and reliability, the plastic film is made with a wide sewing boundary, which is convenient for sewing onto clothes and fabrics. The waterproof sewing(sew-in) magnets are designed for clothes, curtains, pullovers, bedspreads, cushions and other items, which are regularly cleaned or dry cleaned. Neodymium sewing magnets also work well as magnetic clasps in binders, folders and other printed materials.

Types of Neodymium Sewing Magnets

Features of Neodymium Sewing Magnets

  • Mono-pole design,each magnet is covered with a steel cup before sealed in PVC film, this design can prevent the thin magnets from damaging.

  • Neodymium sewing magnets are sold and used in matched pairs of a + magnet and a - magnet.

  • After stitched to a textile article, the neodymium sew-sin magnet is invisible, to it is also called invisible waterproof sewing magnets.

Use Methods Of Neodymium Sewing Magnets

Just stitch or insert a + magnet and a –magnet to achieve closure. Make sure the flat edges match the flat edges for best results.

Stitch only within the textured edge of the plastic film. If the stitching position is too close to the magnet, the tightness may be damaged.


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