Are you tired of struggling with traditional closures like buttons and zippers when sewing? Do you want a faster, more efficient way to secure fabrics and materials? Look no further than Neodymium Sewing Magnets.

These high-strength magnets are perfect for adding closures to garments, bags, and other sewing projects. With their incredible holding power, they keep fabrics securely in place without the need for messy glue or complicated stitches.

Their small size and ease of use make them ideal for a variety of applications, from securing buttonholes and pockets to creating hidden fasteners on jackets and bags.

Neodymium Sewing Magnets are also perfect for anyone with limited dexterity or mobility in their hands, making sewing and crafting more accessible to all.

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Types of Neodymium Sewing Magnets

Features of Neodymium Sewing Magnets

  • Mono-pole design,each magnet is covered with a steel cup before sealed in PVC film, this design can prevent the thin magnets from damaging.

  • Neodymium sewing magnets are sold and used in matched pairs of a + magnet and a - magnet.

  • After stitched to a textile article, the neodymium sew-sin magnet is invisible, to it is also called invisible waterproof sewing magnets.

Use Methods Of Neodymium Sewing Magnets

Just stitch or insert a + magnet and a –magnet to achieve closure. Make sure the flat edges match the flat edges for best results.

Stitch only within the textured edge of the plastic film. If the stitching position is too close to the magnet, the tightness may be damaged.


Meank supports customized magnets to meet your various demand.