Neodymium pot magnets are used as search magnets Neodymium pot magnets are used as search magnets

The name of the search/salvage magnet comes from the application of the neodymium pot magnets. The magnetic component specially designed to recover the iron objects falling on the river and the bottom of the well is called search magnet, also known as fishing(salvage) magnets and retrieval magnets. Neodymium pot magnets are usually used as search magnets(retrieval magnets).

Features of neodymium search(fishing,salvage)magnets Features of neodymium search(fishing,salvage)magnets
  • Magnetic characteristics, For safety's sake, search magnets (fishing magnets) usually need strong enough magnetic gripping force, which is mostly made of rare earth neodymium magnets. Neodymium search (fishing, salvage) magnets are known as the strongest fishing/search/salvage magnets.

  • All Fishing (salvage) magnets are equipped with one or two powerful stainless steel lifting rings. The size of the lifting rings can be matched freely according to needs. A real strong fishing (search) fishing magnets must be equipped with durable lifting rings.

  • Unlike ordinary pot magnets, search & fishing pot magnets often work underwater and have certain requirements for corrosion resistance. Therefore, the gap between the magnet and the iron shell is filled with epoxy glue with good sealing.

Types of neodymium fishing/salvage/search/recovery magnets Types of neodymium fishing/salvage/search/recovery magnets

According to the actual magnetic fishing needs, neodymium search magnets (fishing, salvage, recovery magnets) can be divided into single-sided search (fishing) magnets and double-sided search (fishing) magnets. We have all types of single-sided and double-sided salvage (recovery) magnets for sales, each type of search (retrieval) magnet has a different magnetic force to choose. please contact us for getting an offer.

Under this category, we only show several popular fishing magnets which are best sellers for most magnet distributors. If you need other or custom fishing/search magnets, please contact us for an offer.

Safety Notice On Strong Fishing Magnets Safety Notice On Strong Fishing Magnets

Because neodymium magnets have very strong magnetic force and may cause injury and damage to electronic, so remember to be very careful when handling and storing powerful neodymium fishing/search/ fishing / recovery magnets. Never try to put the two strong fishing/search/salvage magnets together, as they may break due to external force. Don't let children play with strong search/salvage magnets as toys

FAQs Of Neodymium Search Magnets

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    What factors affect the search effect of a search magnet?


    1. The magnet grade of the search magnets

    The higher grade magnets supply stronger force, however we usually use N35 neodymium magnet on our search magnets.

    2. The steel cup thickness that used on the fishing/search magnets.

    If this thickness does not reach the minimum thickness and cannot fully guide the magnetic lines of force generated by the neodymium magnet, the holding force will become weak

    3.The steel house material of the strong search magnets. 

    The material of the housing is also important for magnetic strength. Mild steel (low carbon) can provide the best holding force

    4.Surface conditions of salvage(search) magnets.

    The search magnets that have no smooth surface have a weaker holding capacity than those with a ground surface.So keep the surface of a neodymium search magnet become important

    5. The contact area between search magnet and the searched object

     Large contact surfaces provide sufficient holding forces, while small contact surfaces can not assure strong holding force.So holding force is proportional to the contact area of the search magnet and the searched object.

    Please be very careful when handling neodymium fishing/search/salvage/recovery magnets because their magnetism is very strong, which may cause injury and damage electronic equipment. Do not try to put the two neodymium fishing/search magnets together because they may break due to external forces.

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    What is magnet fishing/salvaging?


    To find and salvage metal objects at the bottom of the river by using a strong magnet is known as magnet fishing, and the strong magnet is fishing(search,salvage,recovery) magnet.

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    What’s is the best magnet for magnetic fishing/salvaging?


    Neodymium magnet is considered to be the strongest magnet, which can provide strong magnetic force in small size. Therefore, neodymium magnet is the best magnet for magnetic fishing/salvaging

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    Why are the most powerful and strongest fishing/search magnets are needed for magnet fishing?


    Because it is difficult to achieve full contact between the fishing magnet and the searched object during magnetic fishing, and the metal object itself may be uneven,so it is recommended to use the most powerful/ strongest fishing magnet to compensate for the problem of incomplete contact

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    How do you pack your strong fishing magnets?


    For ease of use and sale, our strong/powerful fishing magnets are provided with independent (single)packaging.

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    Can you supply fishing magnet sets?


    Yes,we can supply complete fishing magnet sets, which including telescopic, gloves, lockable hooks and toolbox


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