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Types of Neodymium Disc Magnets

Neodymium Disc Magnet Features & Characteristics

  • Neodymium (NdFeB) disc magnet are flat&round magnet and usually axially magnetized. Radially or diametrically magnetized neodymium disc magnets are custom neodymium magnets. Diametrically magnetized neodymium disc magnets are only produced according to customer's order.

  • The magnetic properties of neodymium disc magnets range from N30 to N52. N52 is the highest grade available for neodymium magnets. The size of neodymium disc magnets range from 1mm tiny neodymium disc magnet to 200mm super large neodymium disc magnets.

Neodymium Disc Magnet Specification


International Unit

Standard Data

Curie Temperature(Tc)


Maximum Operating Temperature(Tw)





Electrical Resistivity (ᵨ)


1.8x10⁻⁴  ~2.0x10⁻⁴




Recoil Permeability(µ rec)


Magnetization Field Strength(Hs)





Bending Strength



Temp. Coefficient of Br



Temp.Coefficient of Hcj



Applications of Neodymium Disc Magnet

Neodymium disc magnets are suitable for all types of applications due to their small size and significant magnetic force. You will find that neodymium disc magnets are used in processes and model making, trade exhibition projects, high-performance motors, medical equipment, audio components, scientific research projects, etc.

FAQs of Neodymium Disc Magnets

  • 01. How to get stronger magnetic force for neodymium disc magnets?

    • Make the neodymium disc magnet thicker.

    • Enlarge the diameter of the neodymium disc magnets. 

    • By using higher magnet grades (such as N52 instead of N30).

    • By using any combination on the surface.

  • 02. How to separate the neodymium disc magnets?

    Please note that the force required to pull the magnet apart is usually 5 times that required to slide the magnet, so you can separate the strong neodymium disc magnets by sliding.

  • 03. What is the standard measurement tolerances for NdFeB(neodymium) disc magnets?

    Standard tolerances for neodymium disc magnets with small and middle size are +/- 0.05mm on both diameter and thickness dimensions. 

  • 04. How are round neodymium disc magnets made out?

    The round and disc shaped neodymium magnets are made by sintering and cutting,the long rod magnets must be sintered first, then machine smaller&thin round neodymium disc magnets by cutting.

  • 05. What's the most commonly used surface treatment for rare earth neodymium disc magnets?

    Common surface treatment options for rare earth neodymium disc magnet include galvanized, nickel plated (Ni-Cu-Ni) coating.

  • 06. What is the strongest & most powerful disc magnets?

    The strongest & most powerful disc magnets should be made of rare earth magnetic material, neodymium disc magnets are the strongest & most powerful disc shaped magnets in the world.

  • 07. Can you produce custom neodymium disc magnets for our project?

    Yes,we can customize the neodymium disc magnets according to your specific specifications. Just send us special requirements. We will cooperate with you to determine the best solution for your professional project.

  • 08. Where to buy high-quality & cheap neodymium round disc magnets?

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