Ⅰ. The definition of adhesive magnet

The adhesive magnets refer to 3M double-sided sticky NdFeB magnets. Such magnets are commonly used in boxes, wallets, monitors, electronics and DIY household gadgets, etc. With magnetism and adhesion, 3M adhesive magnets are the ideal link to connect ferrous and non-ferrous objects. It consists of three parts: sintered NdFeB magnets (disc, block, oval or according to your design), adhesive (foam tape VHB4945, 467MP, 468MP, etc.) and gasket.

Ⅱ. Types and uses of adhesive magnets

Neodymium magnet raw materials are widely used in industrial fields, such as speakers, amplifiers, sensors, motors, alternators, etc.; also widely used in women's bags, wallets, shoes, handicrafts and jewelry, etc. Badge Magnets Fasteners provide a professional way to display name badges and identification without damaging your clothing. The magnetic name badge holder features a strong magnet and metal molding that easily clips the tag to your shirt or suit without damage from pins or clips.

Magnetic name tags are great for suits or expensive suits that you probably like so much you don't want to be damaged. With a strong permanent neodymium magnet attached, the magnetic id badge holder can be used repeatedly, so it is also known as a reusable magnetic name badge.

Ⅲ. The characteristics of bonded magnets

1. It is very suitable for professionals or home doctors to set up concisely.

2. Additional fastener options are available, including belt clips, lanyards, and magnetic fasteners.

3. Pocket badges do not require fasteners.

4. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

5. Include pins or swivel fasteners.

6. Rectangular metal name badge with square corners.