1. The birth of magnetic hooks

When it comes to hooks, we all think of using plastic hooks that everyone is very familiar with, but we all know in our hearts that although plastic hooks are more convenient and relatively cheap, their performance cannot be complimented. In recent years, many smart people have made some small inventions and obtained some patented products. They have won a lot of economic benefits by selling patents, and they are also promoting the progress of society. The magnetic hook was born in this situation.

Its appearance is actually very difficult to use when using ordinary hooks. Often the things that have just been hung fall off after a long time. I believe many people have had similar experiences. It fell, sometimes with great damage. So someone invented a magnetic hook. The performance of the permanent magnet is used to determine how much force the hook can withstand. After it is put on the market, almost all users who have used it can accept the use of magnetic hooks instead of plastic hooks or iron hooks. .

2. The advantages and disadvantages of magnetic hooks

The convenient use of magnetic hooks can be clearly felt by everyone, but from the perspective of short-term effects, it seems that the price of magnetic hooks does not have any advantage. For the consumption concept of the Chinese people, they are not willing to play a higher price at one time. Buy a product, especially if there are similar low-priced products next to it. But really when you have used magnetic hooks, you will find that it is worth spending a little more money, because whether it is the convenience of use or the effect of use, the magnetic hooks are much better, not to mention the lifespan, plastic hooks It can only be used for a year or a few months, and the magnetic can be used for decades.