1. Strong magnet

Strong magnet is a solid sintered from rare earth NdFeB. It is very magnetic and has applications in many industries. It is also a common magnet with strong demand in the market. It comes in all shapes and sizes, thick and thin, long and short. There are simple and complex. With many years of experience in the industry of our magnet manufacturers, the thickness and length of the magnet have a certain range. It is not as much as you want. It must conform to the characteristics of the magnet itself.

2. The size and advantages and disadvantages of strong magnets

We often encounter customers asking whether strong magnets can be made smaller and thinner, in fact, these can be. If it is too large, its magnetic force is super strong, which is inconvenient to use. Once it touches a ferrous product, the strong magnet will be sucked away, which is easy to damage the magnet, and will hurt the human body in severe cases, so we do not recommend customers to use too large; then, if the magnet is too small and thin, it is not good when used, because its source material is rare earth, which is easy to break, and its strong magnetic force is easy to cause product cost loss.

3. The effect of temperature on NdFeB

Therefore, irreversible loss occurs at room temperature. When the temperature is higher than 150 degrees, the irreversible loss will exceed 5%, and the performance of the magnet will decrease. Especially when it exceeds 200 degrees, the irreversible loss of the magnet will increase sharply. This is the main problem of using NdFeB at high temperature.