When choosing magnetic materials, many customers want to know whether to use ceramic(ferrite) magnet or neodymium(NdFeB) magnet. In view of this doubt, we introduce the main differences between the two magnetic materials as follows:

Differences Between Ceramic (Ferrite) And Neodymium (Ndfeb) Magnets

1. In terms of magnetic force, the magnetic force of ceramic(ferrite) magnet is not as strong as that of Nd-Fe-B magnet.

2. In terms of cost,price of ferrite magnet is much cheaper than NdFeB magnets.

3. In terms of temperature resistance, ferrite(ceramic) magnet has good temperature resistance, while ordinary Nd-Fe-B magnet can only be 80 degrees. Demagnetization will occur if it exceeds this working temperature.

4. In terms of corrosion resistance,the stability of ferrite magnet is very good. It is an oxide and very stable. Neodymium-iron-boron magnet is an alloy. It is easy to oxidize and must be protected by coating.

5. In terms of electrical characteristics, ferrite magnet is a kind of metal oxide with ferromagnetism. In terms of electrical properties, the resistivity of ferrite is much larger than that of metal and alloy magnetic materials, and it also has high dielectric properties.

Concluding Remarks

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